The ever popular ARB Alloy bar range continues to grow with the latest addition of the 2016 Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series GX and GXL models.

The ARB Alloy bar range has been a popular option for a host of models for which it has previously been available, including:

  • Toyota Prado 150
  • Nissan Navara NP300
  • Ford Ranger PXII
  • Ford Everest



The 200 Series Alloy bar adds to ARB’s range of Alloy bars and is based upon a few key characteristics. To achieve the weight saving expected of an alloy bar, ARB’s engineers have concentrated on strength through design. Three different alloys and tempers are used in production of the ARB Alloy bar. These specific grades of alloy have been chosen to provide excellent corrosion resistance and high fatigue strength.

Due to the size and weight of the vehicle and the requirement for fitment of winches up to a 12,000lb in capacity, bar uprights and the separate winch cradle have been specifically designed and tested for the 200 Series. Thickness of the materials used has been increased to suit the additional loads.

Due to headlight washers, original equipment LED fog lights, parking sensors and Multi Terrain View Camera this bar does not suit the VX or Sahara model 200 Series.


  • Vehicle specific design for the 200 Series GX and GXL
  • Engineered, air bag compatible mounting system secures to the chassis via high tensile bolts
  • Extensive steel protection panels under the pan and wing panels
  • Will accommodate Warn, Magnum, Bushranger and Smittybilt low mount model electric winches up to 12,000lb, excluding Warn M12,000 (separate winch mount is required)
  • 5mm alloy used for bar uprights. 4mm alloy used for wings and pans. 3mm wall thickness used in both 60mm and 48mm tubular outer frames and cross piece.
  • Incorporates ARB’s renowned multi fold upswept and tapered wing design for optimum strength and approach angle
  • 30mm radius on wings and centre section
  • Split pan design for maximum strength and airflow
  • 2 piece grill design for split pan
  • Pressed form top pan and polished aluminium winch cover panel
  • Durable two piece buffers
  • Provision to accommodate ARB Intensity LEDs and a range of Bushranger and IPF lights
  • Provision for optional ARB fog light
  • Includes ARB LED indicator and clearance light
  • Two aerial brackets located on the top of the centre cross tube
  • Bar adds approximately 210mm to the overall length of the vehicle



Weight has been an important consideration when developing ARB’s range of Alloy Bars. The bar assembly of the 200 Series alloy bar compared to the ARB Summit bar equivalent bar assembly is approximately 50% lighter..

Bar chassis mounts and under wing panels between alloy and steel alternatives are similar in weight.


Like with steel, alloy comes in different specifications and different resultant strengths. How alloy is processed through the manufacturing process can also affect the mechanical properties and strength of the alloy.

Three different alloys and tempers are used in production of the ARB Alloy bar for the 200 Series. The bar to chassis bracket mounts and uprights use a 5mm 5083-H116 alloy. Centre pans and wings use a 4mm 5052-H32 heat treated alloy. The outer and centre tubes use 6063-T4 heat treated to T4 temper for strength and workability. Outer frame is 60mm x 3mm tube and the cross piece is manufactured from 48mm x 3mm tube.


ARB’s Alloy bar range features two piece buffers, split pan grill and ARB’s fog light surround (fog lights are optional). All three components are designed to integrate with each other and the bar design.

The upright section of the two piece buffer has a style line to complement the fog light surround.

To assist with valuable air flow to the radiator the split pan has a two piece grill for an integrated appearance.

An access door on the left hand side allows access to the winch clutch handle. Overcoming clutch lever access issues when larger lights are fitted to the top pan.


ARB’s new fog light surround is featured in the Alloy bar for the MY16 200 Series. The fog light surround accepts ARB’s 51W fog light. The surround is supplied standard with a screw in cover if no fog light is to be fitted.

A clear fog light cover has been developed separately.

The fog light surround will be supplied in a natural black finish to complement the buffer design. Whilst colour coding is available as an option, it isn’t recommended due to the polished finish of the bar.


The top pan of the 200 Series Alloy bar features a press form to add strength and allow for the winch cover panel to be recessed.

For when no winch has been fitted, a 4mm press formed winch cover panel is supplied. When fitted the winch cover panel is recessed in the press formed top pan to give a level and integrated appearance.


ARB’s Alloy bar range features separate winch mounts to keep the overall bar weight down (for non-winch applications) and ensures that the full weight of the winch and control box are on the bar mounts rather than on the bar assembly itself.

The lower pan of the bar features a knock-out panel for when a winch is to be fitted.

To suit the load and physical weight requirements of a 12,000lb winch, the winch cradle is manufactured from 5mm steel. The mount enables the winch control box to be recessed lower in the pan. Different mount holes and control box mount brackets are provided to suit different winches.


Two aerial mounts are welded to the centre cross tube to allow fitment of UHF/AM radio and mobile phone aerials/antennas.
Synchro pulse controlled welding is used for a visually appealing weld with seam quality that is comparable with that of a TIG weld.


Press formed apertures in each wing are provided to fit ARB’s LED clearance / indicator assembly.


The press formed top pan includes laser cut holes for fitment of a range of compatible driving lights including ARB Intensity, Bushranger and IPF 800, 808 and 900 Series lights.

Pinning holes for ARB Intensity lights are also included.

It is recommended that driving lights are fitted at the time of bar fitment. If driving lights are being fitted after the bar has been fitted, the centre lower stone tray will need to be removed to provide access to the right hand side driving light mount.