The newest member to the ARB canopy family, the Ascent canopy, is now available for the popular VW Amarok and Isuzu D-Max dual cab ute models.

The Ascent is ARB’s feature packed flagship canopy, offering the highest level of usability and comfort in an ultra-premium design. Amongst the raft of standard features is the heavily desired, and fully integrated, central locking and push button window switches.  The latest streamline design ensures a modern complement to the latest in 4×4 vehicle design.

All the tech
Technology is one thing the ARB brand prides itself on, and there are no exceptions here with the range leading canopy design.
Tech features include:

  • 9mm ABS canopy shell suitable for temperatures -20 to 90 degrees Celsius
  • 5mm tempered safety glass with 28% visual light transmission dark grey tint
  • E Mark approved LED high level brake light
  • Patented canopy mounting system for clean and seamless vehicle lines and secure mounting
  • Internal emergency release handle for rear door
  • Low current draw LED interior light

Canopy Convenience & Practicality
An ARB canopy is far more than an enclosed cover for the back of your ute. The new Ascent canopy for the VW Amarok and Isuzu D-Max is an accessory to improve the functionality and versatility of your work horse regardless of whether you are kitting it for the worksite, Outback adventure or fishing trip.


  • Seamless design to integrate with the vehicle tub
  • Aerodynamic styling with integrated spoiler featuring LED brake light
  • Frameless curved tinted glass
  • Side windows optioned for either lift up, pop out, or a combination
  • Convenient 280mm high access for side lift windows
  • Front lift-up window for access to clean rear vehicle cabin window
  • Improved security with remote central locking for rear door and side lift up windows
  • No mechanical handles
  • Three dimensional curved rear door glass with “invisible” hinge
  • Slimline canopy vent which provides positive pressure inside the canopy to reduce dust ingress. Coupled with improved sealing onto the vehicle tub.
  • 9mm ABS shell offers easy to clean interior, eliminating stains and odours
  • Clean visual interior conceals fasteners and wiring looms
  • Automatic activation of high output, low current draw LED interior light
  • Non intrusive, roof load internal support system (optional) to maximise cargo space
  • Unique roof load carrying solutions for additional cargo requirements (optional)
  • Suitable for standard or Sportguard ute liner fitment

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