You’ve just bought new tyres and you’re all set to head off on a driving adventure. Or are you?

Just like you need the right shoes for the specific task you’re performing, you also need the right tyres for the places you want to go. You wouldn’t wear sandals to go for a bushwalk, high heels to play sports, or hiking boots to the office. Likewise, you need the right tyres – and a tyre isn’t just a tyre.

If you plan on taking your vehicle off-road, for a drive up the beach or go rough in the bush you’ll need a performance 4×4 tyre.

The Right Tyres

When it comes to which tyre is right for you and your vehicle, it very much comes down to tread pattern.

Although all tyres may look pretty much the same to the casual observer, there is an enormous difference in tyre technology and features, and these are important when it comes to the ultimate safety, reliability, and performance of your vehicle in an array of conditions.

In fact, your tyres are the most important safety feature on your vehicle.

The latest innovations in tyre technology impact your tyres’ stability, strength, performance, and value.

The Latest Tyre Technology

There are three key features to the most up-to-date tyre technology:

  1. Tread: The required tread you will need in a tyre is determined by the places you want to go – Cooper tyres have a tread depth of 30% more than other leading 4×4 tyre brands.
  2. Carcass: This is the foundation of your tyre; the side wall and construction of the tyre. Depending on your specific requirements, Cooper has developed a carcass construction to suit: Armor Tek³, R-Tech, and High Tensile Construction. 
  3. Compound: This refers to the quality and composition of the formula that comprises your tyres. Only Cooper tyres contain levels of chemically-coupled silica at up to four times that of other tyres. This affords greater grip in wet conditions and maximum performance.

Cooper 4×4 tyres are engineered for more mileage, safer driving, and better value for your money.

The New Cooper Tyre

Cooper Tires is a manufacturer of top-quality 4×4 tyres. Their 4WD tyres are crafted with deeper treads which offer much better traction when driving off-road and ultimately more mileage per tyre – they are made to last and represent a great investment.

Cooper offers the largest range of 4WD tyres across Australia and New Zealand. Regardless of your unique driving needs, Cooper has the perfect tyre to suit and tick all your boxes – from on-road, to driving on sand, snow, in mud, or on rough terrain.

For example, the Evolution M/T Extreme Mud tyre is the ideal 4WD tyre for the weekend 4WD-er who drives on road, sand, dirt and mud. It has a sidewall strength 20% stronger than similar tyres from other brands, providing improved traction and grip on dirt and mud as well as in sand and sticky surfaces. The tread allows for a stronger grip on wood and rock for driving on rugged terrain and the tyres are designed with a high tensile, high-strength body to resist damage even in the toughest conditions. The tyres have inbuilt puncture resistance as well as resistance to cuts and chips.

Get Set at ARB Maroochydore

ARB Maroochydore is the premier supplier and fitter of Cooper Tires on the Sunshine Coast. Our speciality is fitting new tyres on your 4×4 vehicle so you’re all set to go on holidays, touring, and off-road 4WD-ing whether it is in the outback or on the beach. Come visit us today – Nick and Lara and their team have the experience and expertise to get you on the road with the perfect new tyres for the places you want to go.

Contact us via our contact form, call us on (07) 5475 4011 or visit ARB Maroochydore at 1/127A Sugar Road, Maroochydore Qld. We look forward to meeting you!