Canopies and ute lids are a great addition to your vehicle, offering advantages that include but are not limited to weatherproofing, increased security, and a more flexible storage space for whatever type of cargo you transport. Not only this, but the right canopy will dramatically enhance the appearance and appeal of your vehicle, adding both functional and monetary value to your investment.

Why Add a Canopy to your Ute?

Whether you use your ute for commercial purposes or for recreation, there are huge benefits to be gained by investing in and installing a canopy. All of the advantages of owning a ute are enhanced, including superior security, the better functionality of your vehicle, enhanced safety for you, your cargo, and others while on the road, and a more aesthetically pleasing result.

Here at ARB Maroochydore, our canopies and ute lids are built to the highest standards to be both tough and durable, and have been proven time and again to be reliable, even within Australia’s harshest climate conditions.

ARB canopies are manufactured to the highest quality from UV-stable ABS thermoplastic. What is this? Formally named Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, it is an opaque thermoplastic that can be heated and moulded as needed. It is corrosive-resistant, relatively inexpensive, and is commonly used for an array of applications including everything from computer keyboard keys, wall socket face guards, and power tool housing, to LEGO toys. Use of ABS thermoplastic to manufacture our ute canopies provides a dependable and durable solution for your vehicle that will last for many years.

ARB canopies and ute covers are sold with after-sales support as well as a 3 year, 60,000km warranty Australia-wide.

A Choice of Options

The Ascent Canopy is the newest addition to the ARB canopy range. Our flagship canopy product, it is a premium-designed canopy with a wide variety of features, including but not limited to push-button window switches, integrated central locking, venting, LED interior light, tinted safety glass, frameless windows, anti-entrapment dial, rear spoiler, and an electronic unlatching system. It’s an aesthetically pleasing and easy to use addition to your vehicle.

The ARB Classic Canopy is a high quality, high-value canopy which offers a wide range of options for customisation for use with a comprehensive selection of roof racks and roof bars. Standard canopies are ideal for dual cab models in finishes of either grained hard-wearing or smooth exterior. There are high roof variants available for a dual cab or extra cab model vehicles in a textured finish. Features include LED brake light, lift-up rear door and front window, weatherproof design, double-locking handles, durable mounting system, internal light, and premium tint on windows.

Why Choose ARB Maroochydore for Canopies?

For premium canopies or related products for your vehicle, look no further than the great range at ARB Maroochydore. We are the Sunshine Coast’s largest supplier of 4WD accessories, with personalised service from the sales team. Our friendly team have extensive personal experience of remote 4WD camping and adventuring in Australia and deliver unparalleled knowledge and expertise to really help you choose exactly what you need for your own outdoor adventures. Our focus and commitment are to always provide exceptional customer service with integrity, reliability and professionalism.

Please browse our website or come to visit us instore to discover our full range of canopies and other vehicle accessories for yourself. For answers to your questions or for a no-obligation quote, please contact us today via phone or online enquiry form. Alternatively, come to see us instore! We look forward to seeing you.