ARB Releases All-New Slide Kitchen


‘Packing everything but the kitchen sink’ was once regarded as poking fun at those who overpack, but with ARB’s latest release, there’s no reason to stop there.

The ARB Slide Kitchen is an integrated kitchen for your 4WD that sets up in 15 seconds. It features a benchtop, gas stove, utensils drawer and, you guessed it, a kitchen sink and neatly tucks away into one of ARB’s standard dual cab drawers. It’s a full extension freestanding drawer – in fact, it hyper extends – and has an auto lock to prevent the drawer from rolling closed once you are using it. The Slide Kitchen has a 1,250mm kitchen grade stainless steel benchtop and a healthy 30kg weight limit when fully extended, making it a practical platform for loading and unloading the fridge.


The three-burner Thetford stove has two 1.75kw burners and one 2.5kw rapid burner as well as a tempered glass lid that works as a splashback while the stove is in use. Using flame-out technology, the gas supply will be automatically shut off if the flame blows out or the lid closes.

To complete the kitchen, the 12L collapsible silicone sink, with plug, also doubles as a dish drying rack, and includes a utensils holder to assist in the wash-up after you’ve finished cooking. Once collapsed, the sink can be stored in the utensils drawer or can be packed away elsewhere.

For those who don’t want to run a full-time kitchen in their vehicle, there is an optional replacement drawer that can be swapped out with the kitchen to allow for extra storage.

The Slide Kitchen can be integrated with current ARB Outback Solutions drawers or can be purchased with a new set-up. The Slide Kitchen has external measurements of 1,355mm (L) x 505mm (W) x 310mm (H) and can be installed in dual cabs, custom camper trailers or service bodies.

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A new intensity of driving light

If you do a lot of driving after dark, you will appreciate the importance of good light. ARB has been a staple in the lighting game for many years, being the first manufacturer of round off road LED driving lights, and the latest iteration of driving light is no exception to the proven track record.

The ARB Intensity Solis light is a nine-inch driving light with 36 OSRAM LEDs, giving you plenty of light for the road ahead. With in-house engineers concentrating on refining the optics to focus the most amount of light while removing flat spots and controlling the beam to the right area, the Solis lights are made and tested for the variable Australian terrain. Impressively, light output has been measured at one lux @ 1,462 metres (2 x spot lights) to NATA industry standards.

With function front of mind, the Solis lights feature a unique digital dimmer control that allows the user to incrementally adjust brightness to suit driving conditions. For users of LINX, the Solis lights can be fully integrated with an optional controller harness to be released in late September.

The Solis lights feature an improved colour temperature of light, which reduces eye strain and fatigue when doing long distance driving. The light also has a die-cast aluminium body that acts as a heat sink and allows the dissipation of heat to keep the lights running at maximum performance.

The famous red ring of the ARB Intensity lights has become intrinsically linked with driving lights over the years and while the Solis lights share a level of design with the Intensity V2 lights, Solis features two bezels on the sides of the light that are interchangeable between red and black, both of which come standard with the light.

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Make it your own with ARB's Base Rack


ARB has long offered a range of tried and tested alloy and steel tubular roof racks; while this bulletproof series of classic racks has undoubtedly secured its place within the range, there’s now a new kid in town. ARB’s team of engineers has spent years designing, trialling and testing the all new BASE Rack, a revolutionary new roof rack that is sleeker, stronger, smarter and bound to impress.

Featuring a fully welded extruded aluminium design with beams that run the width of the vehicle, the BASE Rack has the strength of the steel racks at a fraction of the weight.

Due to the strength in the cross beams, there is no requirement for a sub-frame, getting the rack lower to the roof of the vehicle. The low-profile design means the roof rack looks sleek and becomes more integrated in the vehicle’s overall appearance.

Utilising a dovetail system on both side profiles of the rack’s internal beams and the external side of the perimeter beams means there is more flexibility to attach a wide range of accessories where you need them and without disturbing other cargo. The side mounting profile also provides full use of the beams’ top surface and allows the beams to support cargo without worrying about protruding tie-down points.

ARB’s range of accessories also makes fitting cargo to your rack more efficient, saving time and effort during the packing process. Each accessory can be placed wherever you need in the moment, allowing you to Make It Your Own.


The BASE Rack takes accessories and cargo loading to a whole new level of simplicity, speed and personalisation. The dovetail extrusion allows accessories to be added at any point along the beams or perimeter rails without disturbing other items. All accessories feature a clamp mount, which gives a strong connection to the rack.

The accessories available with the BASE Rack are:

Wind deflector – No longer will there be fear of additional cabin noise when fitting a roof rack. The wind deflector is available for a number of wagon models and ensures a quiet and enjoyable driving experience.

Guard rail system – You can attach rails to suit your needs by purchasing the kits to suit. You can get a full rail, 3/4 rail, trade rail or 1/4 rail in a simple kit that you can attach and remove as required.

Eye bolt tie-down – A key accessory included in many BASE Rack accessory kits, the eye bolt tie-downs provide a secure lashing point for standard J-hook ratchet and cambuckle straps and can stay on the rack while not in use. Sold in a pack of four.

Spring-loaded tie-down – Featuring a simple one-handed operation, these are great for one-off needs and quick loading and unloading.

Ratchet strap – A simple ratchet strap but the common J-hook is replaced with a custom dovetail hook that will stay in place once it’s on the rack, so you won’t lose the connection when you walk around to the other side to tighten.

Spare wheel Y-strap – These spare wheel straps are easy to use and secure in place. Simply weave the two adjuster straps through the Y plate and feed the third strap through the ratchet and tighten. The straps incorporate the unique dovetail hook, resulting in no requirement for additional tie-down points.

Awning bracket – Available in classic and quick-release versions, you can quickly mount your awning to the rack securely, spending less time prepping and more time at your destination.

Hi-Lift jack holder – An off road jack is a 4WDer’s best friend. Make sure yours is always accessible with either the classic jack attachment or the premium mount, which includes a quick-release function, jack cradle and security feature.

Roller kit – Alleviate the struggle of loading long or heavy items such as timber by adding the roller kit to the rear or sides of the rack.

Roof rack light bar – Specifically made to suit the BASE Rack, the light bar also has an aluminium body with black powder-coat finish. It’s slimline and has a strong performing combo beam with the option to mount in front of the rack or under the rack as desired.

Recovery track holder – Features a set of brackets that connects to the dovetail track at any point on the rack and allows the manufacturers’ original mounting hardware to be added to hold the recovery tracks in place.

Gas bottle holder – Keep your gas bottle safe and secure when travelling with this handy holder. Capable of holding two-kilogram to nine-kilogram bottles, it incorporates a baseplate for the gas bottle to lock into and secures with eye bolts and strap.

Jerry can holder – There are four variations available with the option of double or single holders in either horizontal or vertical configuration. The brackets are fitted with beam guides to ensure even distribution of weight across the rack.

T-slot adaptor – For the active outdoor adventurer, to use your existing T-slot accessories with the rack. It can attach to the dovetail track at any point on the rack and allows fitment from a range of roof rack accessory manufacturers.


The BASE Rack is available in a number of sizes to complement the vast range of 4WDs on the market.

1255mm (l) x 1155mm (w)
12.7kg approximately

1255mm (l) x 1285mm (w)
14.3kg approximately

1545mm (l) x 1285mm (w)
17.1kg approximately

1835mm (l) x 1155mm (w)
18.5kg approximately

1835mm (l) x 1285mm (w)
19.9kg approximately

2125mm (l) x 1285mm (w)
22.8kg approximately

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New Sportlid

No stranger to the cargo space, ARB has just updated its hard lid offering with the ARB Sportlid. While a canopy gives you extra height, for those who prefer the sleeker styling of a tub only but need the extra roof load, the Sportlid allows in-tub cargo to be kept out of the elements, is lockable to keep your items safe and provides that precious extra space to carry larger items such as bicycles, timber or a rooftop tent.

Made from super-strong ABS, same as the ARB canopies, the new ARB Sportlid can hold up to 75 kilograms of dynamic weight and can be opened with up to 13kg on it as standard (or up to 25 kilograms with optional upgraded struts).

The dual external T-slot extrusions allow for easy installation and removal of roof bars or roof racks (and further accessories) and the improved new handle design is easier to use. As standard, the lid is locked via a key on the handle or you can upgrade to a premium kit and receive central locking and interior lighting.

Initially available for (current models) HiLux, Ranger, Amarok, Navara and Colorado, further model development is in progress.

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ARB Releases Replacement Rear Air Locker for 70 Series

On the back of popular demand, ARB has released an Air Locker to replace the factory locker in the rear diff of the 70 Series.

The ARB Air Locker allows the user to activate it at any speed, meaning you don’t have to come to a stop in a tricky situation and enables the user to drive difficult tracks at a slow and controlled pace, which improves passenger comfort and reduces track damage and premature drivetrain wear.

Connecting to the factory locker switch, the ARB Air Locker will give you the confidence to go further.

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November product update - ARB Maroochydore

November Product Update

At ARB, we are consistently working on expanding the products available in our range. Please find more information below detailing some recent additions:


The 140-litre Frontier Tank replaces the 80-litre OE tank, giving an increase of 60-litres. With a wall thickness of up to eight millimetres, the ARB Frontier Tank is durable and impact resistant. Priced at $1,215 (Australian East Coast Metro) and can be ordered now.


The new Compact Sleeping Bag is a lightweight yet warm sleeping bag made for temperatures ranging from -5°C to +5°C.
The Compact Sleeping Bag retails at $139 (Australian East Coast Metro) and stock is available now from your local ARB store or stockist.


Leaf spring bushes require periodic lubrication to ensure longevity. Old Man Emu Greaseable Pins facilitate this task without the need to remove the shackles, thereby greatly reducing the time and effort involved. Now available in front-bush applications, complementing the already available rear-bush application with prices starting from $90 (Australian East Coast Metro).

In case you missed it... Expanded product range

At ARB, we are consistently working on expanding the models available in our product range based on newcomers to the market. With the recent updates and releases to the following models, please find more information about products to suit:

Summit Sahara Bar – Ford Everest

Engineered and manufactured to maintain maximum functionality whilst complementing the look of the vehicle. Featuring ARB’s five-fold upswept and tapered wing profile and available with or without the polished centre tube, owners of this bar are granted a different look from a traditional Summit Bar without sacrificing practicality. Provisions for adding other accessories such as winches, driving lights, CB antennas and fog lights all come on the Summit Sahara Bar. Choose from powder-coated or colour-coded to suit your preferences.

Commercial Bar – MR Triton

Commercial bull bars are a cost-effective alternative to Summit bull bars with a comparable level of vehicle protection. By simplifying the manufacturing process, these bars incorporate the strength but achieve cost savings by going without some of the more aesthetic characteristics.

Summit Side Rails – MR Triton

Featuring large steel tubing and moulding to the lines of the vehicle, the Summit Side Rails are a strong and stylish addition to your vehicle. Connecting the bull bar and side steps, the side rail has a tough nylon cover sleeve to provide an integrated look while adding protection to your quarter panels whilst off road.

Tailgate Assist – MR Triton

The perfect solution to struggling to lower and raise a heavy tailgate. Using two struts, they work independently to ease the lowering of the tailgate and reduce the effort required to lift the tailgate. Installed easily and quickly and available now for the MR Triton.

Summit Raw RSTB – MR Triton

Protect your rear with the stripped back Summit Raw Rear Step Tow Bar for MR Triton GLX and GLX+. Designed with 60.3mm tube finished with a textured black powder coat and engineered to tow 3.1t (as per manufacturer’s specifications) with provisions for all the necessities such as trailer plug wiring, compressor outlet, trailer camera wiring, parking sensors and a 50-amp Anderson plug. The Summit Raw RSTB is the perfect addition for dual-cab owners travelling further than just the work site.

Cargo Straps and Tie Downs

Secure your load with ARB’s updated range of Cargo Straps and Tie Down System. ARB Cargo Straps now feature rubber moulded handles, reflective printed lashing capacity on the strap and improved hooks to accommodate ARB roof racks. Coming complete with a nylon mesh storage bag to keep your straps tidy and, importantly, fully compliant with AS/NZS requirements.

ARB’s Tie Down System has an anodised, powder-coat black finish to protect from the elements when mounting externally and chamfered ends to protect the vehicle if mounting internally.

Unbreakable Assistance - Tailgate Assist

Unbreakable Assistance - Tailgate Assist

The most popular car on the Australian market is getting a helping hand from ARB with the newly released Tailgate Assist for SR and SR5 2015+ models. Cleverly designed with a combination of dampening strut and torsion spring, the Tailgate Assist helps the user control the opening speed and reduce the effort required to close by over 50% – perfect for those times when you wish you had an extra set of hands.

Unlike previous models of Tailgate Assist, this version utilises a torsion spring to assist closing rather than spring assist struts. The torsion spring runs across the lower edge of the tailgate due to the limited space where the regular assist strut would normally be mounted. Factory tailgate limit straps are replaced with cables to allow sufficient clearance of moving parts with additional anti-wear pads included to avoid paint rub. The unique ball and socket design of the dampening strut mounts plays an integral role in achieving long service life as they allow for naturally occurring misalignment of the moving parts.

ARB’s engineers designed and tested the product to over 40,000 cycles over 18 months, equating to around 20 years of service life to the average consumer.

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ARB Products for new 2019 MR Triton

ARB Releases Products for New MR Triton

Upon release, the new-look MR Triton received mixed reviews across a number of social channels and media outlets. The updated front end design was different to anything else on the market with unique lines, fog light and parking sensor placement. Designing an ARB Summit bull bar was going to present some challenges for ARB’s team of engineers.

A prototype Summit bull bar has now been created and fitted to the MR Triton. ARB’s design team worked hard on reconfiguring elements of the bull bar to suit the new vehicle shape, without compromising the functionality of the vehicle’s safety features and still maintaining the overall style of the Summit bull bar.

“The redesign of the front end instantly posed some challenges with distinctive lines and varying parking sensor placement on some models. We are pleased to have released a Summit bull bar that integrates into the MR Triton while offering increased protection to the vehicle and passengers” says Brand Marketing Manager, Mark Berger. Production for the Summit bull bar will begin in July 2019.

Carry-over products from the previous model include Old Man Emu suspension, front and rear Air Lockers, Classic, Classic Plus and Ascent canopies, drawers, ute liner, UVP, RHS recovery point and side steps.

Development continues on rear step tow bars, side rails and Tailgate Assist to complete the range of accessories offered for the MR Triton.

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ARB Navigator Accessories - Caravan Accessories ARB Sunshine Coast

Options for the van: Navigator Accessories

Given the land mass of Australia, embarking on a trip could mean thousands of kilometres and many weeks away from home. Travelling with a caravan allows you to take your home on the road, wherever you may go.

Navigator’s Mark Sedran has been travelling Australia for many years, creating makeshift mods out of velcro and stubby holders. He saw a gap in the market and knew exactly what products caravanners needed.

Navigator has now released a stylish range of products suitable for caravanners, campers and adventurers.

The Navigator Awning Buddy is designed to fit into the sail track on caravan awnings and most 4WD awnings. It features magnets to hold the Navigator Bottle Opener and has reflector tape at the base to avoid any nasty spills. It’s also fitted with two female buckles to allow for the attachment of the Kitchen Buddy and Outdoor Storage Buddy. 

The Navigator Kitchen Buddy is a large utensil organiser built to make your meals easier to prepare. There are eight sleeve pockets for utensils, four mesh pockets for spices and a large lower pocket with zip closure. The Kitchen Buddy also features two male buckles to attach to the Awning Buddy and corner eyelets to fasten to camping ridge poles. The Kitchen Buddy has a handy magnet in the middle to hold the Bottle Opener too. 

The Navigator Outdoor Storage Buddy is made to attach to the Navigator Awning Buddy or Kitchen Buddy, keeping your essentials in a convenient, all-in-one location. It features three handy mesh pockets, a large zip storage compartment that has ten sectioned shelves and seven large sleeve pockets on the back. The Outdoor Storage Buddy can be used to store shoes, toys or light but bulky pantry items. 

Other items in the range include the Collapsible Bin Buddy, Collapsible Laundry Buddy, Utility Buddy, Sullage Buddy, Microwave Dish Buddy, Pantry Wine Buddy, Pantry Jar Buddy, Quick Fix Seat Buddy, Visor Buddy and Carabiner Keyring.

Contact us at ARB Maroochydore for pricing and availability.

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