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Summit Bar, Side Rails and Steps for Fortuner

The most recent addition to Toyota’s 4×4 line up, is the Fortuner five door wagon. Built around the platform of Australia’s longest standing dual cab ute, the HiLux, the Fortuner is fast becoming a family favourite. Given the genuine off road capability of this 4×4 wagon, ARB are proud to release the Summit range of protection equipment including the Toyota Fortuner Summit Bar, Side Rails and Steps, giving families improved safety for their upcoming adventures.

Toyota Fortuner Summit Bar

Whilst visually similar to the HiLux, there are a number of key differences, including the Fortuner’s greater front overhang, that required a separate bar development program.

The front buffer section is common across the Summit range of frontal protection. A shorter top section of the buffer has been developed to ensure that the front overhang of the bar is kept to a minimum yet still retains sufficient space for winch access and mounting of driving lights. Bar uprights, press formed cover straps, wings and pans are all unique to the Fortuner.

Due to a largely retained chassis design, the previously developed ARB Recovery Points and Under Vehicle Protection products are shared across both HiLux and Fortuner models.

ARB’s Summit Bar features:

  • Retained factory safety features including air bag, stability & traction control, and ABS functionality
  • Reinforced steel construction, including structurally braced internals for superior strength
  • ‘Multi-fold’ design for increased outer panel strength
  • Split pan design improved air flow to vehicle radiator
  • Aluminium (powder coated black) winch cover panel for clean look
  • Hi-Lift jack points located beneath each buffer for optimum strength
  • Suitable for Warn, Magnum, Bushranger and Smittybilt low mount electric winches up to 10,000lb
  • Aestheticly discreet winch control box locates behind the front panel with easy access for remote controller
  • Split pan grille with access door for winch clutch handle engagement/disengagement
  • Pre-drilled and treated mounting points for ARB Intensity driving lights and a range of Bushranger and IPF lights
  • Provision for optional ARB fog lights and covers
  • Includes ARB LED Indicator and clearance light
  • Two aerial brackets located on the top of the centre tube
  • Zinc rich primer for additional corrosion resistance
  • Finished in satin black powder coat with the option to colour code to vehicle colour


Toyota Fortuner Summit Side Rails and Steps

To compliment the Summit Bar and to add an additional level of protection to your vehicle, ARB have released the matching Summit Side Rails and Steps for the Toyota Fortuner.

ARB’s Summit Side Rails and Steps features:

  • Durable 60.3mm tubed steel construction for maximum protection.
  • Anodised step extrusion featuring anti slip ridges for additional grip
  • Steel tubing is finished in satin black powder coat with the option to colour code to vehicle colour
  • Fitted with corrosion resistant fasteners

ARB Maroochydore 4x4 Accessories

Ascent Canopy revealed for Amarok & D-Max

The newest member to the ARB canopy family, the Ascent canopy, is now available for the popular VW Amarok and Isuzu D-Max dual cab ute models.

The Ascent is ARB’s feature packed flagship canopy, offering the highest level of usability and comfort in an ultra-premium design. Amongst the raft of standard features is the heavily desired, and fully integrated, central locking and push button window switches.  The latest streamline design ensures a modern complement to the latest in 4×4 vehicle design.

All the tech
Technology is one thing the ARB brand prides itself on, and there are no exceptions here with the range leading canopy design.
Tech features include:

  • 9mm ABS canopy shell suitable for temperatures -20 to 90 degrees Celsius
  • 5mm tempered safety glass with 28% visual light transmission dark grey tint
  • E Mark approved LED high level brake light
  • Patented canopy mounting system for clean and seamless vehicle lines and secure mounting
  • Internal emergency release handle for rear door
  • Low current draw LED interior light

Canopy Convenience & Practicality
An ARB canopy is far more than an enclosed cover for the back of your ute. The new Ascent canopy for the VW Amarok and Isuzu D-Max is an accessory to improve the functionality and versatility of your work horse regardless of whether you are kitting it for the worksite, Outback adventure or fishing trip.


  • Seamless design to integrate with the vehicle tub
  • Aerodynamic styling with integrated spoiler featuring LED brake light
  • Frameless curved tinted glass
  • Side windows optioned for either lift up, pop out, or a combination
  • Convenient 280mm high access for side lift windows
  • Front lift-up window for access to clean rear vehicle cabin window
  • Improved security with remote central locking for rear door and side lift up windows
  • No mechanical handles
  • Three dimensional curved rear door glass with “invisible” hinge
  • Slimline canopy vent which provides positive pressure inside the canopy to reduce dust ingress. Coupled with improved sealing onto the vehicle tub.
  • 9mm ABS shell offers easy to clean interior, eliminating stains and odours
  • Clean visual interior conceals fasteners and wiring looms
  • Automatic activation of high output, low current draw LED interior light
  • Non intrusive, roof load internal support system (optional) to maximise cargo space
  • Unique roof load carrying solutions for additional cargo requirements (optional)
  • Suitable for standard or Sportguard ute liner fitment

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ARB Maroochydore 79 Dual Cab Frontier Tank

ARB Frontier Long Range Fuel Tank

After years of research and development, we are pleased to release our latest 4×4 accessory, the ARB Frontier long range fuel tank. Superior in design, the ARB Frontier fuel tank is engineered from durable materials to ensure the secure and effective transport of diesel fuel for extended travel.

The ARB Frontier long range fuel tank is roto-moulded in Australia from a specially formulated cross-linked polymer, ensuring the tank is designed and engineered with strength and durability in mind. The specially formulated polymer is impact resistant, flexible and UV resistant. Without compromising on strength, the polymer also provides a weight saving of 30 to 50 per cent over an equivalent steel tank. This makes the ARB Frontier fuel tank easier to maneuver for fast installation.

The roto-moulding process extends the fuel tank capacity by following the vehicle underbody contours and the one piece construction eliminates seems or welds in the body of the tank. With a wall thickness of 7-9mm, the additional fuel needed for extended outback travel is sure to be safeguarded from off road elements.

As a replacement to the original vehicle fuel tank, the ARB Frontier long range fuel tank utilises quality hardware fittings. The mounting straps attach directly to the existing vehicle mounts and an ARB manufactured pump plate accommodates the existing fuel module.

All ARB Frontier tanks are pressure tested for conformance to our exacting standards and are fully supported with a nationwide 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The ARB Frontier long range fuel tank is your perfect partner to explore a new frontier.

Key Features:

  • Impact resistant, flexible and UV resistant
  • 7-9mm wall thickness
  • Vehicle specific designs
  • Lightweight tank lessens the impact on GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass)
  • Compatible with diesel fuel
  • Easy to install

MY16 L/Cruiser Summit bull bar ARB Maroochydore 4x4 Accessories

MY16 200 Series Reaches the Summit

Great news for all Toyota LandCruiser enthusiasts! Your wait is over. The ARB team are elated to offer the newly released Summit bull bar to suit the GX and GXL 200 Series Toyota LandCruiser MY16. Whilst chassis mounts have been retained from the pre-facelift model, due to the change in headlight, bonnet, guards and bumper, all other components have specifically been designed and developed for the MY16 200 Series to suit your next off road adventure.

As with all ARB Summit bull bars, the bar features twin aerial mounting tabs,  durable urethane buffers, driving light mounts, Hi-Lift jack points and 62.6mm press formed cover straps. The press formed centre pan features a smooth continuous edge radius that complements modern vehicle design and provides greater strength, while a 4mm pressed aluminium cover panel is recessed into the bar for an integrated appearance (when a winch is not fitted).

The ARB Summit bull is finished in a hard-wearing satin black powder coat with optional colour coding available.

Bars for other MY16 200 Series variants are currently under development and will be released in due course.

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New Hilux and Fortuner ARB Under Vehicle Protection Panel (UVP)

Designed to give protection to vital underbody components including steering, engine sump, transmission and transfer case, ARB Under Vehicle Protection Panels are laser cut, press formed and folded to provide protection to vulnerable under body components.

The 2015 on Hilux and Fortuner Under Vehicle Protection Panels consist of four carefully designed panels. The front, sump and transmission panels bolt directly to the chassis and provide continuous under vehicle protection from front bar or bumper to transmission. The Transfer case panel bolts directly to the transfer case.

The Under Vehicle Protection will fit with or without an ARB front bar. Fitment has not been confirmed with other bar designs.

ARB Maroochydore 4x4 Accessories First Aid Kits

ARB introduces a product line

Since 1975, ARB has worked tirelessly to design and engineer a plethora of products to protect you and your family from the unexpected accidents that can occur while driving off road. While your family can be kept protected from the elements within your vehicle, it’s the dangers when they step out and start exploring on foot that could cause a range of upsets.

It’s these unavoidable surprises of the Australian outback that has prompted ARB to design three first aid kits, tailor made for 4×4 enthusiasts who love exploring this great land of ours beyond the wheel.

ARB Family First Aid Kit

Compact, durable and water resistant, this comprehensive first aid kit with fold-out compartments is filled with critical first aid supplies and instructions, designed to assist you and your family in the event of an emergency. Containing over 42 quality first aid supplies, from an eye wound kit, bandages, antiseptic dressings, to a handy bottle of sunscreen, the ARB Family First Aid Kit is ideal for use when off the beaten track and medical help is some time away.

ARB Personal First Aid Kit

Equipped to treat cuts, abrasions, sprains, fractures, minor burns, eye injuries and more, the ARB Personal First Aid Kit is the perfect companion for any off road adventure. This extensive kit with 33 quality first aid supplies will ensure you are prepared for every situation. The fold-out pouches keep contents organised, providing easy access in an emergency.

ARB Snake & Spider Bite Kit

More than 345,000 Australians are bitten or stung each year, making bites and stings the third most common injury in our country. The ARB Snake Bite Kit has been specifically designed for the treatment of snake and spider bite injuries. It contains quality materials designed to aid in the event of a bite, as well as an Emergency First Aid booklet and a Snake ‘n’ Spider information booklet.

Each kit has been cleverly designed to fit snugly in the back of your fourby, so whether you’re travelling alone, with a mate or have the entire family on board, there is an ARB First Aid Kit to assist in any emergency.

To view the full list of first aid supplies in each kit, visit:

ARB Toyota Hilux - ARB Maroochydore 4x4 Accessories

ARB Equips the new Toyota HiLux

We’re over the moon to present the outstanding ARB accessory range to complement the newly released Toyota HiLux. Designed and engineered with strength and practicality in mind, ARB’s range of gear for the HiLux includes front, rear, side and under body protection as well as the Ascent and Classic canopy, Air Lockers and more.

Summit Bull Bar

Utilising 60.3mm outer frame and cross bar tubing, as well as an extensive use of press forming in the construction, the Toyota HiLux Summit bull bar has been designed with a relentless pursuit of quality. The bar uses a split pan design for maximum strength and airflow as well as under wing protection panels to protect the vulnerable lower parts of the Hilux. The bar is able to accommodate a range of low mount electric winches, up to 10,000lb, and includes twin Hi-Lift jack points to assist with difficult recovery situations. Provision for ARB Intensity LED and IPF driving lights are integrated into the top pan of the bar, while a redesigned fog light surround and ARB LED indicator/clearance light assembly is included as standard.

Side Rails and Steps

Side rails and protection steps integrate with the Toyota HiLux Summit bull bar, offering protection to vulnerable quarter and door panels. The patented side rail attachment system provides uncompromised strength while the all-new, clear anodised tread plate provides easy ingress/egress to the vehicle in all weather conditions. A stand alone protection step is also available for the HiLux.

Rear Step Tow Bar

The all new Summit rear step tow bar for the HiLux is a class leading rear protection and tow system designed to appear as original vehicle equipment in finish and integration. The through tub mounting system attaches to the chassis to provide exceptional levels of strength. A 50mm, 3.5t tow hitch enables heavy trailers, caravans or boats to be connected with ease, while also allowing the use of a hitch mounted recovery point. A lift up cover panel conceals trailer electrics, with the option to fit an ARB air compressor outlet, rear camera connection and a 50amp Anderson plug.

Classic Canopy

Complementing the design of the vehicle and its high sided tub, the ARB Classic canopy is now available in standard height configuration with either a smooth or textured exterior finish for the HiLux. The canopy is available with either sliding or lift up windows, which are positioned low on the canopy shell to provide easy access into the back of the vehicle. As part of the fitment process, additional tailgate seals are added to the rear corners of the vehicle tub in order to minimise water and dust ingress through the tailgate. The rear door is fitted with a high mount LED stop lamp, a forward facing interior light and specially selected gas assist struts with a low opening force for ease of use. ARB canopy shells are made from a special co-extruded ABS plastic for strength and durability. A number of roof rack options and other accessories are also available.

Ascent Canopy

Individually styled to suit new HiLux, the Ascent canopy combines tried and proven ARB engineering with innovative features designed to meet current and future expectations. Features unique to the Ascent canopy range include the addition of remote central locking via the vehicle key, electronic unlatching of side lift up and rear windows, a standard roof vent for reducing dust ingress and an over rail attachment system which results in a more integrated appearance. The electronic unlatching, combined with frameless windows, provides easy one-handed operation and removes the need for locking hardware on the exterior of the side window glass. A choice of frameless lift-up or pop-out windows are available, providing flexibility to meet individual load requirements and a number of roof rack options and other accessories are available.

Air Lockers

Designed and manufactured in Australia, ARB Air Lockers will enhance the traction of the HiLux in just about any terrain. With a state-of-the-art two piece design, forged gears for the ultimate in strength and durability, and an industry-leading five year warranty, ARB Air Lockers combine quality engineering with unrivalled aftersales support.

Also Available:

In addition to the above, the following list of products for the Toyota HiLux are available throughout ARB stores and stockists across Australia.

  • ARB dual battery system
  • Old Man Emu suspension
  • Outback Solutions drawers
  • ARB ute liner
  • Hayman Reese tow bars

Coming Soon:

  • ARB Commercial bar
  • ARB Sahara bar
  • ARB Alloy bar
  • ARB recovery points
  • ARB under vehicle protection
  • ARB Frontier fuel tank
  • ARB ute lid
  • Safari snorkel
  • Recaro seats
  • Clearview towing mirrors
  • SmartBar
  • Long Ranger fuel tanks

ARB Maroochydore 4x4 Accessories

ARB Sportguard Ute Liner

After years of research and development, we’re pleased to release our latest 4×4 accessory, the ARB Sportguard ute liner. With model specific moulding, anti-slip floor and five piece design, the ARB Sportguard is a superior ute liner designed and engineered to protect vehicle trays from day to day use.

The new ARB Sportguard ute liner incorporates many features that have been tailored to suit the needs and requirements of both trade and touring customers alike. A standout feature for the ARB Sportguard is the anti-slip floor which ensures cargo remains still during rough travels. This prevents damage occurring to gear in the tray and small items disappearing during transit.

Unlike a traditional two piece ute liner, the ARB Sportguard contains a clever new five piece design that simply snaps together with no drilling required, making the installation process straightforward and easy to remove if needed. The multi-piece tub liner is cleverly designed to minimise wasted load space by following the contour of the vehicle tray and by retaining the original factory load tie down points.

The unique floor design of the ARB Sportguard is constructed to incorporate a gutter channel which directs unwanted liquid from the tray to the tailgate area, where it can easily drain away. This makes washing down the ARB Sportguard after a long off road adventure simple and hassle-free. In addition, the design allows for excellent air movement underneath the tray and does not interfere with the vehicle drain ports at the front of the tub floor.

The tailgate piece with Sportguard is a “cap off” design, engineered to complement the under rail design of the ute liner.

ARB Sportguard is compatible with ARB ute lids, OE sportbars and, with minimal modifications, ARB canopies.

Features & Benefits:

  • Anti-slip floor
  • 5 piece design
  • Multi-fitment options
  • Vehicle tie down points retained
  • Contoured design maximises tub space
  • Strong, durable materials



ARB Maroochydore 4x4 Accessories

Summit Bar Lands for MK2 Ranger

Ford’s recently released MK2 PX Ranger is the latest in a string of new or facelift dual cab releases in 2015 and ARB engineers have worked quickly to ensure our latest Summit bull bar is ready to add vital protection to the front of the vehicle.

The facelift Ranger features a number of changes, both subtle and obvious, which have required a new  bar to be developed specifically for this model. Obvious changes are to the headlight assemblies and front bumper treatment. Subtle changes are to the front guards and bonnet of the Ranger. Chassis mounts developed for the previous Ranger Summit bar have been retained but new wings and lower pan have been developed to suit the changes to the vehicle.


  • Vehicle specific design for the MK2 PX Ford Ranger
  • Durable steel construction for maximum protection
  • ARB’s renowned multi fold upswept and tapered wing design for optimum strength and approach angle
  • 30mm radius on wings and centre section
  • 60.3mm outer frames and centre cross bar
  • Superbly engineered, air bag compatible mounting system secures to chassis via high tensile bolts and hardware
  • Split pan design for maximum strength and airflow
  • 2 piece grill design for split pan
  • Extensive underwing protection panels
  • Press formed cover strap
  • Pressed form top pan and aluminium winch cover panel
  • Combination style bar to suit both winch and non-winch applications
  • Twin Hi-Lift jack points located below each buffer for optimum strength
  • Durable two piece buffers including cover strap intersection caps
  • Will accommodate Warn, Magnum, Bushranger and Smittybilt low mount electric winches up to 10,000lb
  • Provision to accommodate ARB Intensity LED’s and a range of IPF lights
  • Provision for optional ARB fog light kit
  • Includes ARB LED indicator and clearance light
  • Two aerial brackets located on the top of the centre fame
  • Zinc rich primer for additional rust resistance
  • Finished in a hard wearing satin black powder coat with the added option of colour coding to individual requirements

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