Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

Our doors are open, our fitting bays are operational, our shelves are stocked and we’re here to help.

ARB Corporation Ltd. is monitoring the guidelines of the Federal and State Governments daily and will continue to ensure that it complies with all guidelines and legislation in an effort to work towards the best health and economic outcome for our nation.


This information is accurate as of Thursday 26th March 2020.

ARB stores and stockists are currently open and operating as usual, please check with your local store for opening hours.

  • Fitting workshops remain open and available for accessory fitting and servicing
  • Parts and accessories supply remains strong across the country

Currently, ARB is operating under Federal regulations with no state by state restrictions. Please check back to this page for future updates.


ARB 4×4 Accessories services many government and corporate agencies all across Australia in the emergency & essential services sector, including but not limited to:

  • Department of Human Services
  • Department of Education
  • Australian Border Force
  • Australian Federal Police
  • Ambulances
  • State Police Services
  • Rural Fire Services
  • Privatised essential services (such as electricity, water, gas)
  • Department of National Parks
  • Mining Corporations
  • Farmers

Our services involve preparing and maintaining these vehicles with critical accessories including, but not limited to, vehicle protection, communications equipment, recovery equipment, GVM upgrades and suspension requirements, long range fuel tanks, air compressors and more.

ARB’s network of stores is open and our fitting bays continue to offer availability for vehicle fit-outs, so whether you’re already on the road or are making your way home, you can rest assured that ARB’s stores and stockists are open and there to help.


During this time of social distancing, we understand the need to adapt both as consumers and retailers.  ARB stores and stockists are now offering phone consultation, phone ordering and home delivery of a range of 4×4 accessories.

All ARB accessories come with extensive fitting instructions, so if you’ve found you’ve got some extra time on your hands, why not have a go at home installation? Contact your local ARB store to discuss delivery options and get to work on installing drawers, driving lights, UHF radios, roof racks, tailgate assists, UVP and so much more.

For more information contact us. 


The Easter school holidays is going to be a different experience for us all, however, there’s no harm in maintaining a little ‘adventure’ in your days with the kids; only a small amount of space is needed in the backyard to set up the swag, light a small campfire and enjoy a toasted sandwich.

If you’re looking to bring a bit of adventure into your backyard, ARB is well-stocked with all the regular touring gear including swagsawningschairscamping lightstoastie branders and sleeping bags.


During this time, we all understand the importance of improved hygiene and social distancing. In response to the current situation, ARB has increased its frequency and depth of cleaning within all ARB retail stores, warehousing and office sites.

Staff who handle customers’ vehicles are taking additional precautions to ensure a heightened level of sanitisation and surface cleanliness.


There’s never been a better time to sit down and plan your next big adventure; a great opportunity presents itself to help many rural and remote towns, pubs, caravan parks and tourist destinations in the future. With a vehicle ready to roll and your camping cupboard sorted, ARB can ensure you’re ready to get back to some of our most iconic destinations as soon as possible.

ARB stores are open and stock a range of camping and touring products

Whether you’re wanting to replace or upgrade some of your old or damaged equipment, chances are there’s an ARB store or stockist just around the corner with everything you’ll need to gear up for future adventures.


ARB Launches New Zero Fridge Freezer

After announcing the dual zone ZERO fridge freezer at SEMA last year, ARB has gone one step further and launched two previously unreleased models.

The ZERO now comes in four sizes including two dual zone models. The 44L and 60L will keep food fresh and drinks cold. The 69L and 96L, well sized for your camper trailer, have the dual zone function so you can have frozen and fresh food for your entire trip.

In the 60L, 69L and 96L, the quick-release reversible lid can be swapped for left or right side opening to suit the configuration of your vehicle or camper while the 44L has a traditional front opening lid. All models feature front and rear 12-volt inlets offering further versatility in set-ups and for extra convenience when pre-chilling at home or connecting to mains power at a caravan park. All fridges also feature a 240-volt inlet at the front and a handy USB outlet to charge your devices.

In the dual zones models, both compartments of the ZERO are independently controlled via the panel on the front and all models can be wirelessly controlled via the app on compatible Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The ZERO has boost function for rapid cool down and anti-condensation technology to keep contents dry and at the temperature you need.

For all your cooling and travelling needs, make sure you have the ZERO fridge freezer along for the trip.

ARB Releases Replacement Rear Air Locker for 70 Series

On the back of popular demand, ARB has released an Air Locker to replace the factory locker in the rear diff of the 70 Series.

The ARB Air Locker allows the user to activate it at any speed, meaning you don’t have to come to a stop in a tricky situation and enables the user to drive difficult tracks at a slow and controlled pace, which improves passenger comfort and reduces track damage and premature drivetrain wear.

Connecting to the factory locker switch, the ARB Air Locker will give you the confidence to go further.

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Spend $500 in store and get a $25 Get Tools Direct Voucher


Spend $500 or more in store at ARB Maroochydore.


Register your name, email address and phone number to be eligible.


Claim your $25 voucher to redeem at Get Tools direct Caloundra or Maroochydore.

Supporting those affected by the Australian Bushfires

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by these devastating bushfires ravaging our beautiful country. To support those in need, ARB will be donating half the price of all adult tickets sold for the ARB 4×4 Culture LIVE event held in March, as well as holding an abundance of charity raffles and auctions during the event to raise more funds which will go to four of our chosen charities – Australian Red Cross, Blaze Aid, Wildlife Victoria and WIRES Wildlife Rescue.

If you’re looking to lend a hand, you can donate directly to these charities via these links:

Australian Red Cross:
Blaze Aid:
Wildlife Victoria:
WIRES Wildlife Rescue:

If you’d like to join us at 4×4 Culture LIVE, you can find out more here:

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Classic Fridge Freezers Series II Summer Sale


Keeping your food fresh and your drinks cold no matter where you are, the Classic Series II range of fridge freezers includes an advanced electronic control system now with complete mobile control via the ARB Fridge Freezer app. Additional new features include a dimmable backlit touchpad for easy night time operation and a 12V power input readout for simple voltage monitoring on the display.

Summer Sale on Now!

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Newtracs: The future of 4WD

The Future of 4WD

Newtracs, a new-age mapping software that gives you real-time information on 4WD tracks, has just launched an iOS app allowing users to research and log track information in real-time. The app gathers information from a host of 4WDers to allow other users to better understand the difficulty and performance accessory recommendations of different 4WD tracks.

When a user first logs a track on Newtracs, they are asked to provide their performance-based mods such as suspension upgrades, tyres and diff locks along with their vehicle make. Newtracs then uses this information to process trip logs and make an assessment of the track as easy, medium, difficult or very difficult.

To celebrate the launch of the iOS app, ARB has partnered with Newtracs and for a period of six months will offer the user who logs the most amount of kilometres of 4WD tracks via the app each month an opportunity to win an ARB single portable compressor (valued at $405) or an ARB SkyDome single swag (valued at $469).

To be a part of a project that assists the whole 4WD community and have the opportunity to win a prize, download the free app from the App Store now and get logging!

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Buying the right tyres for the job!

You’ve just bought new tyres and you’re all set to head off on a driving adventure. Or are you?

Just like you need the right shoes for the specific task you’re performing, you also need the right tyres for the places you want to go. You wouldn’t wear sandals to go for a bushwalk, high heels to play sports, or hiking boots to the office. Likewise, you need the right tyres – and a tyre isn’t just a tyre.

If you plan on taking your vehicle off-road, for a drive up the beach or go rough in the bush you’ll need a performance 4x4 tyre.

The Right Tyres

When it comes to which tyre is right for you and your vehicle, it very much comes down to tread pattern.

Although all tyres may look pretty much the same to the casual observer, there is an enormous difference in tyre technology and features, and these are important when it comes to the ultimate safety, reliability, and performance of your vehicle in an array of conditions.

In fact, your tyres are the most important safety feature on your vehicle.

The latest innovations in tyre technology impact your tyres’ stability, strength, performance, and value.

The Latest Tyre Technology

There are three key features to the most up-to-date tyre technology:

  1. Tread: The required tread you will need in a tyre is determined by the places you want to go – Cooper tyres have a tread depth of 30% more than other leading 4x4 tyre brands.
  2. Carcass: This is the foundation of your tyre; the side wall and construction of the tyre. Depending on your specific requirements, Cooper has developed a carcass construction to suit: Armor Tek³, R-Tech, and High Tensile Construction. 
  3. Compound: This refers to the quality and composition of the formula that comprises your tyres. Only Cooper tyres contain levels of chemically-coupled silica at up to four times that of other tyres. This affords greater grip in wet conditions and maximum performance.

Cooper 4x4 tyres are engineered for more mileage, safer driving, and better value for your money.

The New Cooper Tyre

Cooper Tires is a manufacturer of top-quality 4x4 tyres. Their 4WD tyres are crafted with deeper treads which offer much better traction when driving off-road and ultimately more mileage per tyre – they are made to last and represent a great investment.

Cooper offers the largest range of 4WD tyres across Australia and New Zealand. Regardless of your unique driving needs, Cooper has the perfect tyre to suit and tick all your boxes – from on-road, to driving on sand, snow, in mud, or on rough terrain.

For example, the Evolution M/T Extreme Mud tyre is the ideal 4WD tyre for the weekend 4WD-er who drives on road, sand, dirt and mud. It has a sidewall strength 20% stronger than similar tyres from other brands, providing improved traction and grip on dirt and mud as well as in sand and sticky surfaces. The tread allows for a stronger grip on wood and rock for driving on rugged terrain and the tyres are designed with a high tensile, high-strength body to resist damage even in the toughest conditions. The tyres have inbuilt puncture resistance as well as resistance to cuts and chips.

Get Set at ARB Maroochydore

ARB Maroochydore is the premier supplier and fitter of Cooper Tires on the Sunshine Coast. Our speciality is fitting new tyres on your 4x4 vehicle so you’re all set to go on holidays, touring, and off-road 4WD-ing whether it is in the outback or on the beach. Come visit us today – Nick and Lara and their team have the experience and expertise to get you on the road with the perfect new tyres for the places you want to go.

Contact us via our contact form, call us on (07) 5475 4011 or visit ARB Maroochydore at 1/127A Sugar Road, Maroochydore Qld. We look forward to meeting you!

Air Locker Promotion ARB


Imagine this… You’re in the bush with your mates, you come around a corner and see a massive rocky track you just HAVE to conquer. Halfway up, your wheel leaves the ground and you’re thinking, ‘this is AWESOME’ – but you’re not going any further. Flick the switch, your locker engages and you sail on up. No dramas – right?

With an open diff, and a wheel in the air, the vehicle will send all of the drive to the wheel with least resistance – meaning the wheel in the air – which will get you nowhere fast. When you have diff lockers, they will force the drive to both wheels, allowing you to get further.

ARB Air Lockers provide instant engagement at up to 100km/h, meaning you can have confidence that you will be all locked up when you need to be.

Can’t wait to get a new locker? Head into any ARB store or participating stockist between 23rd September and 30th November and ARB will supply a FREE Air Compressor and Pump Up Kit with any Air Locker purchase.

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Trailer Brakes for Towing - ARB

Trailer Brakes

When you tow a caravan or trailer of any kind, you need to be certain that the braking system you have is adequate. Trailer brakes are crucial for gross tow loads above 750kg.

Towing a trailer behind your vehicle requires you to control not only your vehicle as you brake but also the additional force of your trailer and its load – which can be up to or more than 2.5 tonnes of extra weight. For utmost safety, this requires that you have a suitable electric brake controller system so that when you need to stop, especially suddenly, you can do so completely and safely.

Law in Australia

Law relating to braking systems in Australia varies by state, but there are some regulations which apply Australia-wide.

  • According to current regulations across the nation, trailers that have a gross trailer mass (GTM) of up to 750kg do not require a braking system. Anything over 750kg must have a braking system.
  •  If a trailer has a GTM above 750kg and below 2000kg, brakes must operate on at least one axle and, with the exception of override systems, they must be operated and controlled from the driver’s seat.

Types of Trailer Brakes

Different types of trailer brakes are available as the type of braking system necessary is determined by the overall gross trailer mass. This includes the weight of the trailer plus its load.

Types of trailer braking systems include:

  • Override – these are mechanical brakes that manually pull a cable which is connected to the brake drum of the trailer. This type of braking system is allowed for a GTM below two tonnes.
  • Electronic – automatically applied by the brake controller, these brakes can be manually operated by the driver from the driver’s seat. These are legally required for any tow load above two tonnes. They must have a control unit within manual reach of the driver within the tow vehicle.
  • Breakaway – this braking system allows electronic brakes to be automatically-engaged in an emergency situation. It is the law across Australia that these systems be required for all trailers and caravans with a GTM of two tonnes or above. The system has a battery so that, should the trailer become detached from the towing vehicle, the braking system will remain operable for at least fifteen minutes.

Safety chains are also required by law – the number and size of these are also determined by GTM.

REDARC Trailer Brake Control Systems

At ARB Maroochydore, we proudly stock and install REDARC trailer brake systems. REDARC is proudly Australian owned and operated.

REDARC Tow-Pro™ Electric Brake Controllers provide brake activation for trailers with electric brake actuators. They help you initiate safe and controlled braking, and are designed for most trailer braking applications. They are elegantly-designed to fit on your dashboard and are simple to operate.

At ARB Maroochydore, we offer two REDARC trailer brake controller models which suit trailers that have up to three axles.

  • The REDARC Tow-Pro™ Elite offers both proportional and user-controlled braking in the one unit, featuring Active Calibration.
  • The REDARC Tow-Pro™Classic provides a single mode of trailer braking that is user-controlled.

The REDARC Tow-Pro™ Electric Brake Controller range can be combined with REDARC Tow-Pro™ switch inserts, wiring kits, and more for unparalleled safety and functionality on the road.

Visit us at ARB Maroochydore

As well as REDARC brake controllers, at ARB we also carry the Sentinal Brake Controller and the Hayman Reese Guardian IQ Brake Controller.

If you’re planning a road trip, safety is key. Be sure to visit us at ARB Maroochydore before you travel! Their friendly team have many years of personal experience touring Australia and they have the insights and expertise on all aspects of 4WD, touring, camping and adventuring.

Contact us via our contact form, call us on (07) 5475 4011 or visit ARB Maroochydore in person six days per week. We look forward to meeting you!