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Canopies at ARB Maroochydore

Canopies and ute lids are a great addition to your vehicle, offering advantages that include but are not limited to weatherproofing, increased security, and a more flexible storage space for whatever type of cargo you transport. Not only this, but the right canopy will dramatically enhance the appearance and appeal of your vehicle, adding both functional and monetary value to your investment.

Why Add a Canopy to your Ute?

Whether you use your ute for commercial purposes or for recreation, there are huge benefits to be gained by investing in and installing a canopy. All of the advantages of owning a ute are enhanced, including superior security, the better functionality of your vehicle, enhanced safety for you, your cargo, and others while on the road, and a more aesthetically pleasing result.

Here at ARB Maroochydore, our canopies and ute lids are built to the highest standards to be both tough and durable, and have been proven time and again to be reliable, even within Australia’s harshest climate conditions.

ARB canopies are manufactured to the highest quality from UV-stable ABS thermoplastic. What is this? Formally named Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, it is an opaque thermoplastic that can be heated and moulded as needed. It is corrosive-resistant, relatively inexpensive, and is commonly used for an array of applications including everything from computer keyboard keys, wall socket face guards, and power tool housing, to LEGO toys. Use of ABS thermoplastic to manufacture our ute canopies provides a dependable and durable solution for your vehicle that will last for many years.

ARB canopies and ute covers are sold with after-sales support as well as a 3 year, 60,000km warranty Australia-wide.

A Choice of Options

The Ascent Canopy is the newest addition to the ARB canopy range. Our flagship canopy product, it is a premium-designed canopy with a wide variety of features, including but not limited to push-button window switches, integrated central locking, venting, LED interior light, tinted safety glass, frameless windows, anti-entrapment dial, rear spoiler, and an electronic unlatching system. It’s an aesthetically pleasing and easy to use addition to your vehicle.

The ARB Classic Canopy is a high quality, high-value canopy which offers a wide range of options for customisation for use with a comprehensive selection of roof racks and roof bars. Standard canopies are ideal for dual cab models in finishes of either grained hard-wearing or smooth exterior. There are high roof variants available for a dual cab or extra cab model vehicles in a textured finish. Features include LED brake light, lift-up rear door and front window, weatherproof design, double-locking handles, durable mounting system, internal light, and premium tint on windows.

Why Choose ARB Maroochydore for Canopies?

For premium canopies or related products for your vehicle, look no further than the great range at ARB Maroochydore. We are the Sunshine Coast’s largest supplier of 4WD accessories, with personalised service from the sales team. Our friendly team have extensive personal experience of remote 4WD camping and adventuring in Australia and deliver unparalleled knowledge and expertise to really help you choose exactly what you need for your own outdoor adventures. Our focus and commitment are to always provide exceptional customer service with integrity, reliability and professionalism.

Please browse our website or come to visit us instore to discover our full range of canopies and other vehicle accessories for yourself. For answers to your questions or for a no-obligation quote, please contact us today via phone or online enquiry form. Alternatively, come to see us instore! We look forward to seeing you.

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Warn Industries Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Seventy years ago Arthur Warn started Warn Industries with a set of locking hubs for surplus WWII Jeeps. Over the next seven decades, the company would pioneer the electric winch, supply automakers with OE parts, create the powersports winch market, and design a host of innovative state-of-the-art products that let 4WD and powersports enthusiasts “go prepared”. That’s cause for celebration.

ARB 4×4 Accessories partnered with Warn Industries in the early 1980’s as an official Australian distributor of WARN winches. With WARN’s long history in 4×4 accessories and ARB’s vast network and experience in Australian distribution, the partnership was an obvious choice.

To celebrate the milestone anniversary, WARN has created a special limited-edition winch based on the iconic “upright” WARN winch design. The unique product will feature upgraded performance, Spydura® synthetic rope, distinctive styling and commemorative 70th Anniversary badging. Warn Industries will release more details about the M8274-70 and how you can win one in the coming months.

Supporting their anniversary, ARB is giving away a variety of 70th anniversary apparel to customers throughout the coming months. Hoodies, caps and t-shirts are all up for grabs so follow @ARB4x4 on Instagram and Facebook for your chance to win.

Starting in July, Warn Industries will be holding weekly trivia contests based around the company’s history on its Instagram (@warnindustries) and Facebook (@WARNfans) pages. Each week a winner will receive a WARN Prize Pack that includes an assortment of 70th Anniversary gear. The winner of each week’s trivia contest will be entered into a grand prize draw to win a WARN truck winch in Q4. However, this isn’t just any truck winch — it will be the upcoming limited-edition WARN M8274-70.

Warn Industries is the world’s most recognised brand in off road products such as hub locks and vehicle recovery winches. The company designs, manufactures and markets a full line of off road equipment and accessories that enhance the performance of 4WD and powersport vehicles. Warn Industries is headquartered near Portland, Oregon.

ARB Rhino Roof Racks - ARB Maroochydore

Rhino Racks at ARB Maroochydore

A roof rack is a great addition to your vehicle. It is a versatile accessory that dramatically opens up your options for where you can go and what you can do, enabling you to carry so much more. After installing the right roof rack, you’ll wonder how you lived without it... and Rhino Racks on the Sunshine Coast are among the best!

A roof rack frees up space inside your car so that you are more comfortable, while letting you carry everything you need to get out there and enjoy your weekend or vacation – from transporting ski gear to a kayak; from luggage to bicycles; even your work gear – with the right roof rack, your life becomes so much easier. There’s so much to enjoy out there and roof racks help make it easier.

What are Rhino Racks – and why are they a Bestseller?

Rhino racks are world-class roof racks. Australian-designed and manufactured, the range provides tradespeople and 4WDers with a great array of load-carrying options.

In production for almost thirty years, Rhino Racks now offer the most innovative and diverse range of roof racks and accessories. These include roof racks, roof trays and boxes, vehicle roof components, vehicle-attached shade awnings, and carriers for gear for snow sports, water sports, cycling, and much more.

Rhino Racks are built to the highest standard using top-quality materials, and they are available for both gutterless and guttered 4WD and 2WD vehicles of varying sizes and models.

Features and Benefits of Rhino Racks Include:

  • World-class products
  • Suited to dozens of vehicle makes and models
  • Suitable for all conditions
  • Unparalleled quality with top materials
  • Legs crafted from UV-stabilised, glass-reinforced nylon
  • Lightweight extruded-aluminium crossbars
  • All products are rigorously tested:
    • Roof Racks
    • Roof Trays
    • Roof Boxes
    • Luggage Bags
    • Bike Carriers
    • Boat Carriers
    • Fishing Rod Holders
    • Kayak Carriers
    • Ski/Snowboard Carriers, Brackets, and Roof Boxes
    • Trade and Work Solutions
  • A vast array of available accessories, including but not limited to:
    • Wind Fairings
    • Weatherproof Luggage Bags
    • Shade Canopies, Awnings, and Tents
    • Straps

Why Visit ARB Maroochydore for Rhino Racks?

For Rhino Racks on the Sunshine Coast, look no further than ARB Maroochydore. We are very proud to be the Sunshine Coast’s largest supplier of 4WD accessories, with personalised service from the team at ARB Maroochydore. They have extensive personal experience of remote 4WD adventuring and camping, and the knowledge and expertise to really help you when it comes to choosing exactly what you need for your own work, leisure, or adventuring.

At ARB Maroochydore, as a certified Rhino Rack Sunshine Coast dealer, we stock the full range of Rhino Rack products. We supply and fit your selected Rhino Rack to your vehicle.  If you drive a popular model of 4WD, 2WD or SUV, we have the roof rack to suit your vehicle and your needs. We can guide you towards the best product for your needs based on:

  • Vehicle size and type
  • Guttered or gutterless roof
  • Load type and weight
  • Driving type (on-road, off-road)
  • Ideal mounting system
  • Fixed or removable roof rack system
  • Accessories required
  • ...and much more

Browse our website today or visit us instore to see our full range of
roof racks and accessories for yourself. If you have any questions or would like a no-obligation quote, please contact us today via phone, online enquiry form, or drop in, say hi, and visit us instore. We look forward to seeing you!

Tred Pro - ARB 4x4 Accessories Maroochydore

Confidence in all conditions: ARB TRED Pro

You don’t have to be an avid viewer of The Big Bang Theory to know that physics plays a big part in most of our day to day lives; and when applied to the 4WD world, it is reasonable to expect that a 2.5t vehicle might struggle to maintain its traction in fine, soft sand and muddy terrains.

To combat trouble when you lose traction, ARB has partnered with TRED to bring exclusive ARB TRED Pro recovery tracks to their stores. TRED offers an Australian owned and manufactured product and were the first to introduce a lifetime warranty.

TRED Pro’s unique patented EXOTRED dual composite design comprises of multiple moulding processes and materials resulting in a flexible board fitted with a glass-filled nylon nodules which offer far greater resistance to melting under the heat and pressure of wheel spin.

The transitioning convex to concave construction of the board allows the TRED Pro to wrap around the tyre early in the recovery process; ensuring ultimate coverage to gain traction whilst the later convex shape provides the tyre a sturdy platform to rise out and continue along a flat surface. Complementing the construction of the board is the precisely placed nodules which are spaced to match a large range of popular 4WD tread patterns and provide optimal grip.

TRED Pro for ARB is offered in an exclusive range of colours (black on black or and black with recovery orange nodules) and includes a premium leash set for quick recovery of boards after use.

ARB Jack - ARB Maroochydore 4x4 Accessories

ARB launches latest recovery accessory: Meet Jack

No good story ended with ‘nothing went wrong along the way’. A story worth telling is often the result of the misfortunes that happen on the journey. Being prepared for when things go wrong is vital to any off road adventure, and being prepared starts with recovery equipment.

With innovation at the forefront of its business mantra, ARB introduces you to Jack; Not a new member to the engineering team, but rather the outcome of a group of engineers being challenged to bring the latest in hydraulic technology to the recovery space.

JACK; with no holds barred, is ARB’s new off road long-travel hydraulic jack. Not only is it a visually stunning piece of equipment, the functionality and safety benefits over the common mechanical jack are hard to ignore.

From the moment JACK hits the ground, its sturdy pivot base can be rotated a full 360 degrees for optimal placement on unstable grounds. The forged aluminium hook can be quickly and easily locked into one of 9 hooking points on the extruded outer body of JACK.

Once a connection is made between JACK’s hook and a dedicated lifting point on the vehicle, each full effortless pump of the jack handle will raise the vehicle 13mm.

At this point of recovery, a key benefit of JACK over mechanical jacks are the huge reduction in effort required to raise the vehicle. JACK’s ergonomic handle is positioned at the top of the jack allowing the operator to remain upright. The hydraulic design allows quick and short partial cycles of the handle rather than full strokes to achieve the same result.

JACK has an approved working capacity of 2000kg and while short and compact, allowing storage in your 4WD drawer, JACK boasts an impressive lift height of 1230mm (48inch).

When it comes time to return the vehicle to solid ground, JACK is fitted with a safe and simple release valve. The two-stage hydraulically controlled release system (at the touch of a lever), allows JACK to retract slowly for the first two thirds and quicker for the final third. The hydraulic release means there is no risk of a brutal handle recoil or load drop due to mechanical slip.

So when it’s time to hit the tracks, JACK might be just the extra muscle you need to get you home again.


ARB Sky Dome Swag - ARB Maroochydore 4x4 Accessories

ARB Releases the SkyDome Series II Swag


Let’s face it, the overnight conditions we face across Australia can vary widely from freezing cold in the Red Centre to hot and balmy in the Top End.

ARB’s SkyDome Swag has always offered brilliant comfort in the cold, and with the release of the new SkyDome Series II Swag, it’s now even more suitable to the variety of climates we traverse across our great land. With the addition of two new midge-proof mesh windows, air flow is now better than ever for those summer nights.

ARB Linx - ARB Maroochydore 4x4 Accessories

What is LINX?

The next generation of 4×4 accessories

LINX is a unique modern controller that declutters the dashboard and centralises the command of vehicle accessories by replacing classic switches, gauges and monitors with one sleek and smart driver interface. Built on an expandable platform, LINX will continue to evolve your on and off road driving experience both now and into the future.

Experience total control

Fitting out a modern 4×4 with a range of accessories such as driving lights, Air Lockers, dual batteries and air compressors can quickly lead to a dash full of out of place, hard to reach switches and a myriad of gauges and monitors either stuck to the windscreen or drilled into the dashboard – not to mention all the associated fuses and wiring.

LINX offers a single point of control control via its user-friendly, Bluetooth enabled, mobile touch screen display. The LINX mobile display mounts conveniently and unobtrusively within reach of the driver while the main control hub lies neatly out of sight under the dash or seat; taking care of all accessory wiring.

There’s much more to LINX than meets the eye in our video snapshot – see how it can unlock a brand new experience with your 4×4 accessories. Visit the LINX microsite to explore each feature:

View ARB Linx Website

ARB Maroochydore 4x4 Accessories - VW Amarok Summit Protection

The Amarok Joins The Summit RSTB Club

Volkswagen’s recent update to the Amarok has provided ARB engineers the opportunity to develop a Summit Rear Step Tow Bar to suit. Whilst primarily designed for the updated Amarok, a supplementary fitting kit is available to enable fitment to an earlier model Amarok.

To maximise departure angles while allowing for number plate fitment under the tailgate, ARB’s engineers have adapted the Summit Rear Step Tow Bar design, yet retained the features of the Summit platform, including press form wings, press formed diffuser, and centre lift and panel and hi-lift jack points at the rear and side.

The 60.3mm tube work, finished in Integrit textured black powdercoat, has been formed to provide the necessary protection and strength to the Summit Rear Step Tow Bar assembly.



ARB Seat Covers - ARB Maroochydore 4x4 Accessories

ARB’s Got You Covered

Whether it be muddy boots or clothes, spilt drinks, kids snacking in the backseat, wet swimsuits, wet and slobbering pets, seat friction or harsh sunlight, these all have the potential to ruin and wear out your great looking seats. Luckily, ARB has you covered.Designed with ruggedness in mind, ARB’s Seat Skin covers hug beautifully to your vehicle’s seats – while providing the same level of safety and comfort with inbuilt airbag stitching for rapid deployment in emergencies. Incorporating the popular topographic ARB print with highlight red stitching, these seat covers create a sleek look inside your 4×4.Made from a thick 3mm premium thermoset elastomer fabric, ARB’s Seat Skin covers provide an excellent and firm fit to keep overtime sagging to a minimal, and preventing damage to the OE seats.Independently airbag tested and certified, these seat covers utilise a high-quality stitch pattern from specialised Japanese sewing machines, providing a safe deployment of the SRS airbags.


ARB Maroochydore Win a KTM 500


ARB and Safari have teamed up to bring you the ultimate giveaway this year!

Simply purchase any Safari snorkel from any ARB store or participating stockist between 14 August – 3 December 2017 and enter the form on the ARB Corporate Site to go into the draw to win!