Once you have experienced a quality driving light, you will wonder how you ever did without it. The vision improvement between your vehicle’s high-beam and a powerful LED driving light is simply chalk and cheese. Improvements in LED technology coupled with engineering advancements of internal reflectors have resulted in useable light over one kilometre down the road.

A common driving light set-up couples one ‘spot’ beam light (which throws light long and straight down the road) with one ‘flood’ beam light (which throws light wide off the road for improved peripheral vision).

The added light to your drive vastly improves your vision both down the road and off to the sides; improved lighting assists early detection of wayward and approaching animals, changes in road/track conditions and poorly lit obstacles, which can often lead to accidents.

ARB’s Intensity driving lights have been on the market for six years and have been a popular item amongst customers for their superior performance and aesthetically pleasing appearance. For 2019, ARB has made a number of technological advancements and is now releasing its new Intensity V2 driving lights.

ARB Intensity V2s come in two sizes: the smaller AR21 V2 has 21 LEDs and the AR32 V2 packs an impressive 32 LEDs. You’ll score 20,000 lumens in a single AR32 V2 light (40,000 per pair), which gives you a 35 per cent increase in light output from the original Intensity V1 equivalent, while the AR21 V2 lights gain over 35 per cent increase with 13,170 lumens per light. The latest in LED technology is built into the V2 lights with higher wattage ‘OSRAM GIANTS’ LEDs, harnessing that increased power to deliver a light that is controlled and focused for the naked eye to see.

For drivers looking for the ultimate in long distance vision, a pair of AR32 V2 spot beam lights offers a very usable one lux of light at an impressive 1.3 kilometres down the road.

As per the previous light, the Intensity V2 lights are dustproof and waterproof with voltage protection and integrated intelligent thermal management systems. The V2 range is designed to handle the toughest off road conditions with folded mounting brackets, vibration certification and a 50,000-hour lifespan.

The Intensity V2 lights are the perfect addition to your 4WD.

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