Every 4WD tray or ute needs a top-quality canopy to provide weatherproofing, storage space, and security for its cargo. It is an investment that is well worth the financial outlay and there is no better time to invest in a canopy for your vehicle than right now, especially if you use your vehicle for business or work purposes.

What is a Canopy?

A fantastic accessory and addition to any dual-cab Ute, a canopy maximises the tray’s potential as a load space. Without a canopy, the tray has no security, no protection from the elements, and is limited in what it can offer. With the addition of a canopy, however, the tray becomes a flexible storage space that can even be lockable. It can safely be used to haul work tools, camping gear, sporting equipment, even a camp fridge. The canopy will also provide protection from wind, rain, sun, dust, sand and mud. It protects your cargo wherever you go, whether you’re driving highways, outback dirt roads, or even on sand dunes.

Additionally, a top-quality canopy can also create extra useable storage space.

Why Purchase a Canopy?

A 4WD Ute is an incredibly versatile vehicle and is the favoured choice for everyone from tradies to commercial drivers and recreational vehicle owners. A Ute also provides the added safety of keeping the cargo of the vehicle separate from the vehicle’s passengers. Without canopies, the cargo in the tray of the Ute is susceptible to the elements, as well as to the potential for theft.

A high-quality canopy offers much more than simply protection from the elements for your cargo. It provides security (especially if it is lockable) and also maximises the space available for storage separate from the vehicle’s cabin.

Canopies have customised options available so owners can tailor their vehicle to their individual needs. also provide various customisable options for vehicle owners to tailor their vehicle to their own individual needs. Canopies may have sliding windows and vents (ideal for safely transporting animals like pet dogs) and may incorporate shelving, tie-down points, drawer systems, and roof rails inside the canopy or the option of  roof racks on top of the canopy or racks, and much more.

At ARB, we have an array of traditional canopies as well as Ute lids and associated accessories. The right choice will integrate seamlessly with your vehicle and protect your precious cargo no matter where you are.

Why Purchase Your Canopy Now?

With the end of the financial year (EOFY) fast approaching, right now is the perfect time to invest in a canopy for your work vehicle. If you require a canopy (or ute lid) for tool storage or other work-related needs including security, you can claim your new canopy as a tax deduction. Additionally, there are great deals to be had on awesome products as the financial year winds down. So don’t waste any time – purchase your canopy at ARB Maroochydore before the end of June! Remember personal situations are different, so remember to consult your accountant.

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