ARB Frontier Long Range Fuel Tank

The all-new ARB Frontier long range tank is setting the benchmark for long range fuel tanks around the world. Manufactured from a resilient cross-linked polymer, each Frontier tank offers incredible strength and rigidity, while providing a significant weight reduction over steel long range tanks. The UV stable plastic material ensures these tanks will survive in the most hostile environments.

With a wall thickness of 7-9mm, every Frontier long range tank is individually pressure tested and backed by an industry leading three year warranty.


ARB Long Range Tank

Quality Hardware Throughout

Each Frontier tank is fitted with a fully machined filler neck milled from non rust aluminium, allowing for fast, easy fuel delivery. Additionally, the tank breather incorporates a one-way valve to prevent fuel leakage in the event of a vehicle rollover.

Frontier Tank Tourture Test

Manufactured using a state-of-the-art, seamless roto-moulding process, ARB Frontier Tanks are engineered to survive anything you can throw at them off road. Watch as we put one through its paces at Melbourne 4X4’s proving ground.

Frontier Long Range Tank Installation

See first hand how easy and economical ARB Frontier long range tanks are to install.

The roto-moulding process enables designs that feature more intricate shapes to be created, increasing overall tank volume.

Protect your vehicle with the best.

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