ARB Maroochydore 4x4 Accessories

Ascent Canopy revealed for Amarok & D-Max

The newest member to the ARB canopy family, the Ascent canopy, is now available for the popular VW Amarok and Isuzu D-Max dual cab ute models.

The Ascent is ARB’s feature packed flagship canopy, offering the highest level of usability and comfort in an ultra-premium design. Amongst the raft of standard features is the heavily desired, and fully integrated, central locking and push button window switches.  The latest streamline design ensures a modern complement to the latest in 4×4 vehicle design.

All the tech
Technology is one thing the ARB brand prides itself on, and there are no exceptions here with the range leading canopy design.
Tech features include:

  • 9mm ABS canopy shell suitable for temperatures -20 to 90 degrees Celsius
  • 5mm tempered safety glass with 28% visual light transmission dark grey tint
  • E Mark approved LED high level brake light
  • Patented canopy mounting system for clean and seamless vehicle lines and secure mounting
  • Internal emergency release handle for rear door
  • Low current draw LED interior light

Canopy Convenience & Practicality
An ARB canopy is far more than an enclosed cover for the back of your ute. The new Ascent canopy for the VW Amarok and Isuzu D-Max is an accessory to improve the functionality and versatility of your work horse regardless of whether you are kitting it for the worksite, Outback adventure or fishing trip.


  • Seamless design to integrate with the vehicle tub
  • Aerodynamic styling with integrated spoiler featuring LED brake light
  • Frameless curved tinted glass
  • Side windows optioned for either lift up, pop out, or a combination
  • Convenient 280mm high access for side lift windows
  • Front lift-up window for access to clean rear vehicle cabin window
  • Improved security with remote central locking for rear door and side lift up windows
  • No mechanical handles
  • Three dimensional curved rear door glass with “invisible” hinge
  • Slimline canopy vent which provides positive pressure inside the canopy to reduce dust ingress. Coupled with improved sealing onto the vehicle tub.
  • 9mm ABS shell offers easy to clean interior, eliminating stains and odours
  • Clean visual interior conceals fasteners and wiring looms
  • Automatic activation of high output, low current draw LED interior light
  • Non intrusive, roof load internal support system (optional) to maximise cargo space
  • Unique roof load carrying solutions for additional cargo requirements (optional)
  • Suitable for standard or Sportguard ute liner fitment

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ARB Maroochydore 79 Dual Cab Frontier Tank

ARB Frontier Long Range Fuel Tank

After years of research and development, we are pleased to release our latest 4×4 accessory, the ARB Frontier long range fuel tank. Superior in design, the ARB Frontier fuel tank is engineered from durable materials to ensure the secure and effective transport of diesel fuel for extended travel.

The ARB Frontier long range fuel tank is roto-moulded in Australia from a specially formulated cross-linked polymer, ensuring the tank is designed and engineered with strength and durability in mind. The specially formulated polymer is impact resistant, flexible and UV resistant. Without compromising on strength, the polymer also provides a weight saving of 30 to 50 per cent over an equivalent steel tank. This makes the ARB Frontier fuel tank easier to maneuver for fast installation.

The roto-moulding process extends the fuel tank capacity by following the vehicle underbody contours and the one piece construction eliminates seems or welds in the body of the tank. With a wall thickness of 7-9mm, the additional fuel needed for extended outback travel is sure to be safeguarded from off road elements.

As a replacement to the original vehicle fuel tank, the ARB Frontier long range fuel tank utilises quality hardware fittings. The mounting straps attach directly to the existing vehicle mounts and an ARB manufactured pump plate accommodates the existing fuel module.

All ARB Frontier tanks are pressure tested for conformance to our exacting standards and are fully supported with a nationwide 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The ARB Frontier long range fuel tank is your perfect partner to explore a new frontier.

Key Features:

  • Impact resistant, flexible and UV resistant
  • 7-9mm wall thickness
  • Vehicle specific designs
  • Lightweight tank lessens the impact on GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass)
  • Compatible with diesel fuel
  • Easy to install