ARB Maroochydore 4x4 Accessories

ARB Range Expanded for MQ Triton

Following the recent release of ARB’s new Summit bull bar for the MQ Triton, complementary side protection, in the form of Summit side rails and steps, have also been released, along with ARB’s tried and tested Classic canopy and the all new ARB Sportguard Ute Liner.

Side Rails and Steps

The new side rails and steps have been developed specifically for the new Triton, with large 60.3mm diameter tubing providing added protection as well as improved entry and exit to the vehicle cab or roof via the extruded step section.

Individual fitment of the protection step is also available for those customers who either don’t have an ARB bull bar or don’t require a front rail.

A clever design registered clamp offers a neat and practical solution to connect the 60.3mm side rail to the upright of either an ARB Summit bar or Commercial bar (currently under development).

Classic Canopy

Adorning the MQ Triton is a new tub design with high sides, a lower front centre pan, curved canopy mounting surface and lower tailgate height. This provided a welcome challenge to our Design Engineers and Product Managers, with the final result a testament to their ability and eye for detail.

Complementing the design of the vehicle and its high sided tub, the ARB Classic canopy is now available in standard height configuration with either a smooth or textured exterior finish. The new canopy is available with either sliding or lift up windows, which are positioned low on the canopy shell to provide easy access into the back of the vehicle.

As part of the fitment process, additional tailgate seals are added to the rear corners of the vehicle tub in order to minimise water and dust ingress through the tailgate. The rear door is fitted with a high mount LED stop lamp, a forward facing interior light and specially selected gas assist struts with a low opening force for ease of use.

ARB canopy shells are made from a special co-extruded ABS plastic for strength and durability. The ABS is inert and, with suitable venting, is safe for the transportation of animals, as well as being recyclable, reducing landfill at the end of the product life.

The Classic canopy is available in either a smooth finish, colour coded to the vehicle as standard, or a more economical white textured surface with optional colour coding.

A number of roof rack options and other accessories are also available.

ARB Sportguard Ute Liner

The sleek new ARB Sportguard Ute Liner incorporates many features that have been tailored to suit the needs and requirements of both trade and touring customers alike. Limitations of the traditional two piece Ute Liner have been overcome with the clever new five piece design of the ARB Sportguard.

A standout feature is the new anti-slip floor, which means no longer will you be guessing where your cargo is when you arrive at your destination – it will be exactly where you left it! The simple snap-fit installation allows the multi-piece tub liner to be easily installed in separate sections with no drilling required. OE tie down points are reused and also assist in the retention of the Sportguard and, through the inclusion of spacers in the supplied fitting kit, ARB Sportguard maintains vehicle hard-point mounting to ensure the tie down load ratings are not affected.

Integrating the Sportguard with the plethora of tub accessories has also been considered. Sportguard is compatible with ARB ute lids, OE sportbars and with minimal modifications, ARB canopies.

The unique floor design incorporates a gutter channel to accommodate placement of the vertical panels and also allows any water to drain away at the vehicle tailgate area. The floor mat design allows for good air movement underneath and does not interfere with the vehicle drain ports at the front of the tub floor. The tailgate piece with Sportguard is a “cap off” design and does not cover the top of the tailgate.