When you tow a caravan or trailer of any kind, you need to be certain that the braking system you have is adequate. Trailer brakes are crucial for gross tow loads above 750kg.

Towing a trailer behind your vehicle requires you to control not only your vehicle as you brake but also the additional force of your trailer and its load – which can be up to or more than 2.5 tonnes of extra weight. For utmost safety, this requires that you have a suitable electric brake controller system so that when you need to stop, especially suddenly, you can do so completely and safely.

Law in Australia

Law relating to braking systems in Australia varies by state, but there are some regulations which apply Australia-wide.

  • According to current regulations across the nation, trailers that have a gross trailer mass (GTM) of up to 750kg do not require a braking system. Anything over 750kg must have a braking system.
  •  If a trailer has a GTM above 750kg and below 2000kg, brakes must operate on at least one axle and, with the exception of override systems, they must be operated and controlled from the driver’s seat.

Types of Trailer Brakes

Different types of trailer brakes are available as the type of braking system necessary is determined by the overall gross trailer mass. This includes the weight of the trailer plus its load.

Types of trailer braking systems include:

  • Override – these are mechanical brakes that manually pull a cable which is connected to the brake drum of the trailer. This type of braking system is allowed for a GTM below two tonnes.
  • Electronic – automatically applied by the brake controller, these brakes can be manually operated by the driver from the driver’s seat. These are legally required for any tow load above two tonnes. They must have a control unit within manual reach of the driver within the tow vehicle.
  • Breakaway – this braking system allows electronic brakes to be automatically-engaged in an emergency situation. It is the law across Australia that these systems be required for all trailers and caravans with a GTM of two tonnes or above. The system has a battery so that, should the trailer become detached from the towing vehicle, the braking system will remain operable for at least fifteen minutes.

Safety chains are also required by law – the number and size of these are also determined by GTM.

REDARC Trailer Brake Control Systems

At ARB Maroochydore, we proudly stock and install REDARC trailer brake systems. REDARC is proudly Australian owned and operated.

REDARC Tow-Pro™ Electric Brake Controllers provide brake activation for trailers with electric brake actuators. They help you initiate safe and controlled braking, and are designed for most trailer braking applications. They are elegantly-designed to fit on your dashboard and are simple to operate.

At ARB Maroochydore, we offer two REDARC trailer brake controller models which suit trailers that have up to three axles.

  • The REDARC Tow-Pro™ Elite offers both proportional and user-controlled braking in the one unit, featuring Active Calibration.
  • The REDARC Tow-Pro™Classic provides a single mode of trailer braking that is user-controlled.

The REDARC Tow-Pro™ Electric Brake Controller range can be combined with REDARC Tow-Pro™ switch inserts, wiring kits, and more for unparalleled safety and functionality on the road.

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As well as REDARC brake controllers, at ARB we also carry the Sentinal Brake Controller and the Hayman Reese Guardian IQ Brake Controller.

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