Arguably the most gruelling off road race on the planet, King of the Hammers, is a brutal concoction of desert racing, rock crawling and high horsepower 4WD machines.

For one week, every February since 2006, Johnson Valley in California is transformed into what is now the largest off road race event in North America. This year was no exception, boasting a record number of both competitors and spectators.

ARB’s presence has been ever growing amongst the field of competitors, with more vehicles now relying on Air Lockers to get them to the chequered flag. All of these drivers have the option run other differential setups, yet they choose to arm their vehicles with Air Lockers; A testament to the product’s capability.

In the main event, Shannon Campbell, a name very well known in rock sports and long-time ARB Air Locker sponsored driver, entered the 2017 KOH race in search of his third crown. For his 2017 campaign, Shannon’s buggy was equipped with a prototype 40-spline Ford 9” competition edition Air Locker in the rear, and a production competition 35-spline unit in the front.

Shannon was able to fight off 122 competitors, including his son Wayland Campbell, and became the first 3-time King of the Hammers champion. Not far behind, Wayland crossed the line a mere 28 seconds later to claim the 2nd step on the podium. This was no small achievement, considering out of all the main event competitors who left the start line, only 50 managed to make it back!

The prototype diff worked extremely well for Shannon, and due to its success, ARB will soon have it in full production and available to the public.

It is worthy to note, that throughout the various events leading up to the main race, a common denominator amongst multiple winning vehicles, is that they were all fitted with ARB Air Lockers.

In a race against time and in an environment that is so punishing, the success of ARB Air Lockers at KOH is a true reflection of the extensive research, design and quality materials that go into the product. Each Air Locker is meticulously produced at ARB headquarters in Kilsyth, Australia, to ensure the highest manufacturing standards are maintained.

Competition drivers depend on quality and reliability to get them across the finish line, and if they can trust Air Lockers, you can be sure that they’ll survive anything you throw at them off road.

The ARB Air Locker 40 spline competition Ford 9” will be available late 2017. To watch it in action, click here: