Understanding GVM and GCM

Understanding GVM and GCM

A common question we get at ARB revolves around the difference between GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) And GCM (Gross Combinational Mass).  

In Australia, the GVM of a 4WD vehicle is the manufacturers maximum net weight of the vehicle. This figure includes the total weight of the car whilst empty, ball load of any trailer being towed, people, fuel, accessories and luggage. 

In contrast to this, the GCM accounts for the maximum combined weight of both the vehicle, and the trailer mass.

here is an equation to help better understand if you need a GVM Upgrade for you vehicle

Firstly find out your Factory Payload Capacity: 

Manufacturer’s GVM _____kg

LESS the Kerb weight of Vehicle _____kg  

= Factory Payload capacity _____kg

Lastly find out how much payload you actually have

Payload _____kg 

LESS Weight of passengers & driver _____kg 

LESS Additional liquids _____kg (Eg: extra fuel if fitted with long range tank, water, etc.)

LESS Accessories _____kg

LESS Luggage _____ kg 

LESS Trailer ball load _____kg

= Actual Payload

If you finish on a negative number, you’ll be over your Factory GVM.    

OME offers multiple Federally approved Pre-Registration GVM Upgrades for a variety of vehicles. To find out more about the OME GVM Upgrades please Click here.

At ARB We are frequently asked why we don’t do GCM Upgrades. 

As it stands, there is no federal approved legislation in Australia for an increase in GCM to a light vehicle. As a company, ARB is stringent in only offering Federally approved upgrades that are relevant for all states of Australia. The case for ARB to begin offering GCM upgrades relies on the legislation of Australia. GCM upgrades will be considered for development by ARB only in the case that changes are made, and if it is safe, reliable and federally approved. 

ARB Earth Camper

The Earth Camper pioneers ARB’s bold entry into the recreational vehicle (RV) industry. Culminating almost 50 years of knowledge & experience in the 4×4 space, we have integrated our skillset across each of our product categories to showcase the very best ARB has to offer, delivering one extremely capable, compact and feature packed off road camper trailer.

With ARB’s pursuit of the highest tier in both quality and functionality, you can depend on the Earth Camper to perform at the highest level – no matter where you take it.

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ARB Celebrates 40 Years

This year at ARB, we’re celebrating our 40th anniversary and we have some big plans in store, with a special new project called Off Road Icons.

In 1975, Anthony Ronald Brown created the first ever ARB bull bar in his back shed. At the time, no one could have predicted how significant that project was, nor the 4WD accessories movement he would set into motion.

40 years on and ARB is undoubtedly an off road icon. To celebrate, we’re selecting four of the most iconic 4WDs of the last four decades, restoring them to their former glory and pitting them up against one of Australia’s most iconic 4WD destinations… the Simpson Desert.

To have your say and help us select the four most iconic 4WDs since 1975, visit our Off Road Icons website and tell us in 25 words or less, which vehicle you think deserves a guernsey and why.

One lucky entrant will win a 47L ARB Fridge Freezer, transit bag and wireless fridge monitor valued at over $1500.

Once you’ve submitted your entry, keep an eye on the web page and our social media channels for tonnes of updates regarding the final vehicle selection, restoration progress and trip preparation.

Introducing our first off road icon

We asked you to help us choose four of the most iconic 4WDs from the last four decades as part of our Off Road Icons project. We couldn’t be more pleased to announce the first Off Road Icons vehicle – the Toyota LandCruiser 40 Series.

The Toyota LandCruiser 40 Series was Toyota’s best selling vehicle in the 60’s and maintained a healthy 24-year lifespan on the market. More than one million were sold around the world with 121,000 sold in Australia. The reason for its popularity was clear; it was the first four wheel drive designed with the everyday family in mind. Its durability stands the test of time with many seen on the roads today. In a testament to its popularity, in 2006 Toyota developed the FJ Cruiser, a modern version of its old counterpart.

The Toyota LandCruiser 40 Series, Australia’s first standard family wagon, known for its versatility and reliability, it’s no wonder it was voted in as one of Australia’s most iconic 4WDs.

Key Stats:

  • 24 years in production, from 1960 – 1984
  • The most versatile vehicle of its era
  • One million sold around the world (121,000 in Australia)
  • Short (FJ40), middle (FJ43) and long (FJ45) wheelbase variants
  • Used by farmers, rural drivers and everyday Australian families

Unique Features:

  • Removable doors, roof, and windshield
  • Folding jump seats allowed for two more passengers and maximum cargo space
  • Compatible with GM’s small block engines

Watch the Video:

Christmas Bundles


Need gift inspiration?
Get the adventurer in your life an ARB gift bundle and spread the joy.

We know that big adventures need the right, reliable gear, and we’ve put together the biggest and best bundles guaranteed to make anyone’s holiday special.

Offers only available between 21 November and 31 December 2022 to customers in Australia at any ARB store or participating stockist.
Purchases are only available in-store, and items in bundles cannot be swapped, removed or separated. While stocks last.

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Landcruiser 300 Series Release

ARB has revealed its full suite of accessories to complement the launch of the Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series. Headlined by the Next Generation ARB Summit Bar, ARB offers a vast array of accessories that have undergone extensive rigorous durability testing for optimal integration and performance for the all-new LC300.

The Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series has been given the ARB treatment, taking the LC300 to a rugged, more capable off-roader and tourer with the application of a suite of ARB products. Whether you’re overlanding, hauling, touring, or just getting around town, ARB offers the perfect blend of functionality and looks, packing a punch to achieve the ultimate in protection and practicality.

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Introducing the Esperance Roof Top Tent




Drawing heritage from the beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters of one of Western Australia’s most renowned coastal environments, the Esperance RTT now expands our rooftop tent family into a super lightweight, slimline and contemporary looking hard shell.


Focusing on quick and effortless setup and pack down time, the all-new ARB Esperance Rooftop Tent features an internally stored telescopic ladder, gas strut assisted opening and closing and boasts 12V lighting to make touring a breeze. Extra creature comforts such as a stargazing moonroof and ample internal and external storage ensure that this contemporary design speaks to newcomers and seasoned campers wherever you choose to explore.

The ARB Esperance Rooftop Tent is ready to order now.

Learn More About the Esperance

Product Releases: August 2021



For new D-MAX and BT-50 owners, a stage 2 GVM upgrade is now available, comprising an upgrade from OE GVM of 3,100kgs to 3,500kgs. A stage 1 GVM is already available to 3,3650kgs.

This GVM upgrade requires constant load of 600kg and upgrade to Old Man Emu shocks and springs.

For further suspension enquiries, please contact your local store or stockist.

Check out the D-MAX GVM upgrade.

Check out the BT-50 GVM upgrade.



Protect the under body of your D-MAX and BT-50 with ARB’s UVP, consisting of four carefully designed panels to protect the vehicle’s steering, engine sump, transmission and transfer case.

The UVP will fit with or without an ARB bull bar and is compatible with ARB recovery points.

See UVP for the 2020+ D-MAX.

See UVP for the new BT-50.



ARB has released a new BASE Rack mount kit for the chopped 200 Series LandCruiser, allowing customers to fit a 1545 x 1285 rack. The slimline roof rack is fully welded and features a unique dovetail system to attach accessories to carry on any adventure.

Also available is a range of accessories including multiple awning brackets, light bar mounts, hi-lift jack mount, recovery board holder, gas bottle holder and a range of mounts that can be used to attach rooftop tents, aerials, sand flags, beacons, solar panels and driving lights.

Discover ARB's Base Rack


The ARB Sportlid V has been released for the 2020+ HiLux2020+ D-MAX and 2020+ BT-50.

Keep your belongings secure and out of the weather with the stylish and practical Sportlid V. With a 75kg dynamic payload, the Sportlid V is designed to carry additional tools, your adventure gear or a rooftop tent with ease.



Getting yourself sorted in the rooftop tent just became a little bit easier thanks to the new ARB Tent Light.

Clipping onto any 25mm tent pole, the dimmable tent light includes an 8amp continuous draw 12V cig socket and two USB ports to charge devices. You can also connect the light to your awning or any other 25mm tubed tent or shelter.

View Tent Light


A new revision to Tailgate Assist now allows fitment to the 2020+ Toyota HiLux.

Tailgate Assist is the perfect product for people who are often loading the tub with heavy items or one-handed. The carefully designed strut controls the opening speed of the tailgate and reduce closing effort by over 50%.

See Hilux Tailgate Assist

GME Partnership to Support Beyond Blue

ARB and GME believe in the importance of communication. With this signature blue antenna, they will be donating $40 from each sale to Beyond Blue to support life-changing mental health initiatives.

After GME released the pink McGrath Foundation antenna, ARB’s Facebook page was flooded with comments asking for a version to support Beyond Blue. ARB and GME mutually agreed on the prospect of supporting a charity that has worked so hard, especially over recent times. In consultation with Beyond Blue, they have produced a blue antenna and are donating an impressive $40 from each sale directly to the mental health charity.

In a time of uncertainty, instability and isolation, the power of communication and connection has been more apparent than ever. “While mental health has always been a serious and important topic, the last 18 months have been particularly difficult. At ARB, we consider ourselves to be very fortunate to be associated with an activity that often provides people an opportunity to escape the daily grind, to destress and to spend much needed time with family and friends. Partnering with GME on this project was the perfect match given the importance of communication for those who battle with mental health. We can only hope that a wave of signature blue antennas on the tracks provides a reminder amongst our 4WDing fraternity to always keep the lines of communication open, start talking, keep talking,” says Mark Berger, Brand Marketing Manager.

Beyond Blue is a well-known mental health organisation that focuses on people affected by depression, anxiety and suicide. They provide information and support for all Australians to achieve their best possible mental health.

The antenna is a 6.6dBi 1200mm antenna and has an interchangeable whip with the AS4700 series. Included in the package is the blue radome antenna, the antenna assembly, a 4.5m coaxial cable and plug as well as the FME to PL259 adaptor.

A limited edition antenna, you can purchase this product exclusively from any ARB store or stockist while stocks last. To contribute towards Beyond Blue directly, all ARB stores and stockists have a QR code on their counter for customers’ convenience.

If you need support, please contact Beyond Blue directly on 1300 22 4636 or visit their website.

Product Releases: June 2021


Combine functionality, strength and protection with the ARB Rear Step Tow Bar for the Toyota Hilux.

The rear bar is compatible with the vehicle’s sensors and features a 50mm hitch with a 3.5T rating, two ARB Jack or Hi-Lift jack points plus provisions for trailer wiring, compressor outlet and Anderson plug.

View Hilux 2020 Rear Step Tow Bar


Keep your ZERO Fridge Freezer looking like new with this modern and stylish Transit Bag.

Packed full of features, the Transit Bag has magnetic inserts that automatically engage and disengage and can easily be swapped over without removing the whole cover when changing the fridge lid orientation. It has an unobstructed display panel, cord retention slots and pockets for the Portable Power Pack; plus an included bottle opener in the dedicated front pocket.

View Zero Transit Bag


Turn your lift-up Ascent Canopy window into a pop-out window and back again with the Ascent Window Vent Catch. It’s fully integrated into existing window hardware and can be used to provide additional ventilation for fridges when camping.

View Ascent Canopy Vent Catch


Protect your tailgate from damage with the Sportguard Tailgate Protector. Easy to clean and manufactured from tough, durable polyethylene plastic, the Sportguard Tailgate Protector is easy to install at home.

Currently available for limited vehicles, check the website for availability.

View Spotguard Protectors


Expanding the range of bull bars to suit the new Toyota HiLux, the Summit Sahara Bar is now available to suit the SR/SR5 model. 

Featuring fog lights, twin jacking points and provisions for driving lights and UHF aerials, the Summit Sahara Bar is a popular choice for 4WDers.

View Hilux Bull Bars Here


Travel further with the Frontier Tank for the 2020 Isuzu D-Max and 2020 Mazda BT-50.

This 133L tank is a replacement for the 76L OE tank and is the perfect accessory for long-distance tourers.

View Fuel Storage Options


A new integrated 20″ LED light bar is now available on the Sahara Tube.

The body of the light is powder-coated in a stealth black finish and features a light tint to the lens to provide an unobtrusive look. The spot/flood combo provides 445M @ 1 Lux and up to 44m spread of light.

Currently available for limited vehicles, check the website for availability.

View Summit Sahara Bull Bar