After years of research and development, we’re pleased to release our latest 4×4 accessory, the ARB Sportguard ute liner. With model specific moulding, anti-slip floor and five piece design, the ARB Sportguard is a superior ute liner designed and engineered to protect vehicle trays from day to day use.

The new ARB Sportguard ute liner incorporates many features that have been tailored to suit the needs and requirements of both trade and touring customers alike. A standout feature for the ARB Sportguard is the anti-slip floor which ensures cargo remains still during rough travels. This prevents damage occurring to gear in the tray and small items disappearing during transit.

Unlike a traditional two piece ute liner, the ARB Sportguard contains a clever new five piece design that simply snaps together with no drilling required, making the installation process straightforward and easy to remove if needed. The multi-piece tub liner is cleverly designed to minimise wasted load space by following the contour of the vehicle tray and by retaining the original factory load tie down points.

The unique floor design of the ARB Sportguard is constructed to incorporate a gutter channel which directs unwanted liquid from the tray to the tailgate area, where it can easily drain away. This makes washing down the ARB Sportguard after a long off road adventure simple and hassle-free. In addition, the design allows for excellent air movement underneath the tray and does not interfere with the vehicle drain ports at the front of the tub floor.

The tailgate piece with Sportguard is a “cap off” design, engineered to complement the under rail design of the ute liner.

ARB Sportguard is compatible with ARB ute lids, OE sportbars and, with minimal modifications, ARB canopies.

Features & Benefits:

  • Anti-slip floor
  • 5 piece design
  • Multi-fitment options
  • Vehicle tie down points retained
  • Contoured design maximises tub space
  • Strong, durable materials